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Thursday, January 21, 2016

I said "hey! what's going on?"

Now that you might have a particular song in your head from the title of my blog post (if not click here, you'll love it I promise lol).  Just be glad you can not hear me sing it.  I like to butcher the heck out of songs, especially in my car.

What's going on with me lately?

I have four things I am juggling at the moment:  school, work, family and my health stuff.

It doesn't sound like a lot but I'm now full time at the zoo with about an hour commute each way.  I absolutely love my job and so excited to be heading up a new education area that will be opening at the end of next month to our guests!

School is going great.  I did, however, bite off a bit more than I should have and it makes it very hard to do much of anything else when I get home.  Luckily (or unluckily) my school is on a quarter system so instead of dropping a class now, I'm sticking with it until the end and adjusting next quarter.  Next quarter I think if I adjust to taking one less class that everyone, including myself, will be happier.

Yeah, so I'm rolling with it.  My family is humoring me and rolling with it too lol  They miss my face, I can tell by the way they argue with each other in the living room while I am locked away in my bedroom doing tons of chemistry homework.

On to the health days are starting to look like this:

Which I will so take that because for a long time most of my days were a big "EFF IT" and while my exercise is sporadic at best, I will totally take and be proud of the fact that I'm eating healthier.  I have even lost about 15 pounds since just focusing on that one thing.

Tomorrow I am going to try out a Jazzercise class near the zoo.  I think if I force myself to take a half hour or so of time before I make it home a couple times a week that it might help me be more stable on the exercise front.

Ok, I'm out!  I am procrastinating getting some school work done but I guess I should go back to it lol Bye gang!

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