From Fat to Fit Chick: : February 2015   


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Weekly Ramblings, Me on TV & What's for Dinner :)

In case you haven't heard, I was on my local TV this past Friday night.  The story is here

I didn't handle the backlash very well & that's my fault.  It's been a while since I've been in any kind of spot light and as usual, the trolls are out in full force.  I should have never read the comments on Facebook and I should have asked my best friend to sort through my inbox on my fan page.  Don't get me wrong, there was an overwhelming amount of support but there was quite a few ugly people in the mix.  And while I try not to let them bother me, it still hurts.

I keep reminding myself that.....

Other than the negative stuff, my week has gone great!  I have a lot more supportive people on my fan page and other parts of my social media because of the story.  My kids did not really fight early in the morning, which is a big miracle.  School and work is going great.  Although school is kind of cramping my Mardi Gras plans but where there is a will there is a way right?  It just means I have to adjust to less sleep until after MG is over lol (and yes I treasure my sleep....MG is my most favorite holiday though).

I mean come on....with floats like this how can you not be excited?  Everything is awesome!!

They are so over taking pictures lol 

Ok now for my dinner this really isn't going to be the best honestly so I'm just going to post Monday and Tuesday, the rest will be low carb wraps or salads for me and sandwiches or whatever for the kids.  Starting Wednesday nights there are parades non-stop until Fat Tuesday so we'll be eating out on the parade route or in the car (stuck in traffic, I'm sure).  I'm going to be packing lots of healthy snacks, water (while I want everyone to stay hydrated it's hard to find places to pee haha so I'm encouraging sipping), and toilet paper.  Sounds fun right?

Chicken Shiitake and Wild Rice soup

Tuesday:  Leftovers since my husband is out of town.

Wednesday & Thursday are parades in New Orleans so I'm planning on getting a rotisserie chicken, shredding it and making wraps with veggies in it.  Snacks are string cheese, beef jerky, grapes.

Friday:  Bell Pepper Soup....we have a parade in Slidell but we live close to the parade route.

Saturday....who knows.  It's Valentine's Day and a day filled with New Orleans parades with only my hubby and I ;)  I'm calling it a splurge and moving on.

I'm sorry that it wasn't a typical meal plan for me to post but it is a plan, right?

 My quote for the week :)

And a bonus if you want a little New Orleans humor in a song lol

Sunday, February 1, 2015

What's up for dinner? And my weekly ramblings :)

So this week I have 2 exams (chemistry and trigonometry) plus I'm being interviewed tomorrow night for a local tv's weight loss segment....which I'm super nervous about.  I mean, how clean can I get my house before then?  lol My kids think that a clean house is an invitation to pull everything out into the clean spaces.  That and the real source to my nervousness is that since my weight gain, I feel like I'm nothing special.  I'm just human.  I let stress get to me and ate my way through missing my mom. Although I have a hold on it now, I'm not where I used to be.  I'll get there though.  I still miss my mom every day but eating my feeling will not help anything.

Good news on the work front!  I'm now an intern instead of a volunteer and hopefully I'll get to be employed part time at some point.  I really really love my job at the zoo and feel so lucky to work with some awesome people :)  Aside from health and fitness my one true love is educating people, esp kids, on Louisiana wetland and wildlife conservation.  I'm gonna take over my small part of the world....I can feel it lol

On the weight loss front....I'm now 10 pounds down so only 30 to go!  I'm working out first thing in the morning during the week.  Mornings are best for me because the kids are still sleeping & it frees up my evenings for helping them with homework, spending time with them and after they go to bed I do my homework and study.  I am alternating cardio and strength training.  Planing my food has been a must.  I pack my lunch and snacks in the morning while I am waiting on my kids to get dressed.

Now what you'e been waiting dinner plans!  I've been eating low-ish carb (not no carb but limiting my simple carbs helps my PCOS) so if you see a shift on what I am eating, it's just a constant tweaking that I do to make things livable.

Today I'm making Zucchini Taco Boats

Monday:  Beef Stew (crock pot) with "riced" cauliflower

Tuesday:  Turkey Soup (crock pot)

Wednesday:  Beef Stroganoff

Thursday:  Leftover night

Friday:  Turkey Burgers and salad
if you need a recipe for burgers these are awesome!

Saturday:  Splurge night....either going out to dinner or Scott (my husband) is cooking :)

As always, my breakfasts are pretty much the same and I'm ok with that (scrambled eggs with veggies) and my lunches are probably going to be rotisserie chicken shredded in a low carb wrap with some spinach or other veggies thrown in.....I need to eat on the go or in class so it has to be easy to hold.

How did your week go last week?