From Fat to Fit Chick: : Howdy gang! Catching up and my meal plan for the week :)   


Sunday, June 29, 2014

Howdy gang! Catching up and my meal plan for the week :)

As most of y'all know I've been swamped with school.  I don't think I was really prepared for the work I have to put into it & juggling the kids, house and other responsibilities but I'm going with the flow.  School is going awesome though!

Eating healthy has been pretty easy going.  I've been flip flopping around with my way of eating and just settled on what I truly know, which is sticking close to the Weight Watcher's core plan and doing points.  I can't make meetings so I'm tracking on iTrackBites, which is an app on the iPhone.  I loved low carb but since I was new to that way of eating, I was putting too much thought into it.

Hey, I'm entitled to flip long as I don't quit lol

I have also stopped stressing myself out over not being able to do everything I want to so I've been focusing on being active in the day to day things and trying fun stuff like dusting off my hoop, oh and treating myself to a new one.  It's fun to do and cranking up the stereo!  If you are interested, check out

I really need to start running again but that won't happen until the kids go back to school and my work load gets a little lighter with my fall classes but I'm ok with that :)  I will just have to bust my tail in order to get ready for my next half marathon in November....I got this lol

My new hoop :)

This week I made a big batch of scrambled eggs with cooked veggies (spinach, bell peppers, onions) to just heat up and eat quickly before I leave for school, I pack a lunch bag with snacks like grapes, small salad, and a wrap.

This is what Im having for dinner this week.....I was really lazy and kinda crunched for time so everything is from :)  See, you can still slack and make a dinner menu so no excuses y'all! lol

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