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Friday, May 23, 2014

They are watching.....

I feel like I'm being watched all the time.  Every step I make....I have eyes watching.

Before you tell me I need to take off my tin foil hat, hang on lol

I'm talking about little eyes.  Mostly the eyes of my daughter.  She thinks I can do no wrong, even when she is mad at me.  Yeah that might change later but for now, I am her favorite person ever.

Not only am I determined to have a positive outlook on life and my body because of myself but also for her too.  I don't want her growing up thinking she isn't good enough.  I don't want her to change her bright bubbly personality that tries to be friends with everyone she meets.  I don't want her to obsess about her weight, calories, or her body image.  I want her to love herself no matter what life throws at her.  I want her to be what ever she really wants to be and to do it with passion.  I want her to not to be afraid to work for her goals.

We, as parents, are responsible for helping our children form healthy habits.  This is why I work so damn hard, not only with being healthy & going after my education, but with everything I want out of life.

Because she is watching.

She wants to do everything I do.

I know she isn't the only one watching and I know I have to do the same for my boys....but she really shoves the mirror in front of me.

I look at it this way......

This is why I believe in leading by example.  It's not only for people that you hope that want to change later, it's for the little eyes that follow your every move. 

Because they watch you look at yourself in the mirror.

Because they watch you talk to yourself.

Because they watch how you treat and talk to others.

Because they watch you live.

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