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Friday, April 25, 2014

My Fit-cation!

As most of y'all know, I took my family on vacation this past week.  It was our first real vacation without having strings attached like visiting my in-laws (who I love but it gets boring only sitting at their house after one day of fun at an Orlando theme park).

I wanted something different this time.  To be active and explore somewhere as a family.

Which led us to............

Y'all.....this Louisiana girl is totally in love with the waterfalls, wildlife, clear running water in the rivers and streams, the views and all the history (the good and the bad).  It makes my future biologist heart fill with the possible & hope.

The only thing that got to me was the winding roads up hill and downhill.  OMG, I got car sick for the first time in my life. lol It could have been my husband's driving too.  He took those curves like he was driving a roller coaster.  Ugh. I don't know how y'all do that on a daily basis lol

My kids resting while hiking to Abram's Falls.
There was so much to see and do in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  We did do the Lumberjack show and walked around all of Gatlinburg checking out the shops.  When it rained we went to the aquarium, which was fun.

Other than that we hiked.  I planned short hikes for the kiddos since while they are used to exploring, hiking and has always been on the same elevation, which is oh so flat and even below sea level lol Heck I wasn't even used to the altitude.

It was fun though.  I could so see making that place my second home.  We rented a cabin and was able to cook our own meals or fix our lunches for the most part, although we did splurge a couple of times for dinner.  It made it super easy for us to all eat healthy, not to mention it saved us money to spend elsewhere.

The view from our cabin, Mt Le Conte

Crossing a little bridge

My kiddos at a rest point

A Blue Heron

My favorite waterfall we saw :)

Me and my hubby
Being able to do all of this with my family is absolutely amazing.  If you could only imagine how out of shape I was before I started my journey to being healthy.....being able to climb and look down at the world below me had me more in awe than when I did my 2 half marathons.  Me, a girl that could barely walk to the mailbox.  I will never take my health for granted, ever.

I can not wait to plan our next fit-cation.  It got us moving but it was super relaxing too.  No pressures and just enjoying what the natural world put before us.  I loved that.

If you could go on a fit-cation where would you go?

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