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Friday, March 14, 2014

Why I Don't Quit

Things get hectic, stressful & down right crazy sometimes.  It gets hard to find time to exercise, plan my meals.....and it's just so tempting to just take the kids to eat at Chick Fil A.  Honestly, sometimes we do.  Gosh, last week we went there 3 times.  Ugh.

Why don't I just up and quit when I have a set back like this?

Because this healthy thing is for me.  I want this for myself & I don't ever want to get back to 360 pounds or close.

It's not a cool weight to be at.  I had trouble doing stuff we all take for granted like tieing my shoes, sitting in one of those folding cloth chairs, being able to walk without feeling like my knees were killing me.....normal every day stuff.  Heck, I love tieing my shoes while sitting on the floor & being able to bounce back up now.  On. The. Floor. To. Standing. Without asking to be helped up.

Dude :)

I said tonight that I'm at 180 pounds up from 160 pounds.  

(A reverse before & after)

That might not seem like a lot & it really isn't from where I was but I need to catch it now.

Yes, I know there are a lot of things going around saying you are more than a number....we all are *BUT* it's something we do need to keep an eye on at some point.  That number is the direct result of your mass + gravity.

Maybe I look at it technically instead of with feelings since it has no direct correlation of my self worth.  It's just fat.  I have it & it's there.  (I did not gain 20 pounds of muscle lol)

Ok so now that I've probably pissed some people off lol 

Anyway, like I said....this is for me.  I'm naturally a giver but I am taking this for ME.


Freaking ME.

That's why I haven't given up.  I deserve nothing but the best for myself.

You deserve nothing but the best for yourself too!

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