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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Tips: How Do I Start?

It's always been hard to describe how I started.  Honestly it was a big blur because I was so fixated on getting it done.

So I've been sitting & thinking about it and have came up with these tips....the things I remember doing at the start of my journey.

1. Look at all of your eating plan options.  Don't take everything you read to heart.  Just look for the eating plan that draws you in, whether it be clean eating, counting calories, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Volumetrics, Paleo, etc.  

2.  Don't go balls to the wall with exercising right off the bat.  Going from 0 to 2+ hours of working out probably won't be liveable for the long run.  Take it a little at a time.  I started at 5 minutes a I'm a Personal Trainer, can teach fitness classes & I do Half Marathons.  

3.  When I started I cleaned out my entire kitchen & started over from scratch with food.  This can be either a perfect fit for you or totally overwhelming....don't think you have to do that.  Small changes definitely work too.

4.  Have a heart to heart talk with your family.  If you really want to change they need to either support you, respect your decision or just shut the hell up & let you do your thing.  My husband supports me 100% and we decided it would be a family effort.

5.  If things seem overwhelming try to keep things simple as you can.  All the information out there can make you so confused....this would be the time to put on blinders then pick & choose what you think would suit you the best.  

6.  You can always tweak things with your eating & exercise.  Remember that.

7.  Walking *is* a good workout no matter what others say.

8.  Track what you are putting in your mouth.  No matter what eating plan you do, it helps make you more aware.

9.  Try using a smaller plate.  You'll be surprised on the mind game here.

10.  Write out your goals.  For me, losing 200 pounds was overwhelming & just seemed out of reach so I broke that goal down into 5 pound increments.  I celebrated each and every 5 pound goal with a victory dance.....think touchdown dance lol

11.  Believe you can do it.  Once you feel like this is true, no matter how many bumps you have along the way, I have total faith you will succeed :)

Above all:

You'll never know what you are able to achieve until you start.  <3

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