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Monday, January 20, 2014

Support Groups & Why You Need Them

Another crucial tool that helped me lose 200 pounds was support groups.

As much as my husband & most of my family are supportive, they had no earthly idea of what I was going through.  I felt almost alienated.  My frustrations or stuff I wanted to shout from my rooftop was met with "You are doing awesome.  You'll get there!"  Which is great in a general way....they didn't really know how to support other than to be my cheerleaders because they had never had to or wanted to get rid of a large amount of weight.  So I sought support in other places too.

I was part of both in person & online groups.

First there was my weekly meetings with Weight Watchers.  If you aren't a Weight Watchers member and need in person support I do recommend TOPS or Taking Off the Pounds Sensibly.  Both give you that face to face accountability & support.  I love face to face contact...a lot of people don't though but don't keep that from holding you back from finding support.

Next is online support groups.  The main one I joined is called & while I'm still sometimes on it, I have shifted getting my online support from my fan page, this blog & my private group on Facebook (it's called We Are Fit For Life 2 if you want to join us).

Why go online?  It's support almost 24/7 so if you are having a weak moment, excited over something or have questions you can post away.  Message boards and Facebook groups are a great way to get support if you are wanting to keep it semi private.  You have your cheerleaders, people that will help you come up with solutions to your problems & people that are there to listen because they know where you are coming from.

If you go the FB page route just know while most of it is positive, when strangers find the page you are going to have to develop a somewhat thick skin and use the ban/delete button sometimes.  People can be hateful online, more so than real life.  If you can ignore them or learn to roll your eyes when you read the negative, a page is awesome tool :)  You get to inspire people on a larger scale and in turn, at least for me, it helps me keep going and stay motivated.

Empowering and supporting people, especially women, is a passion for me...this is why I chose to show all my business on my FB page & everywhere else.  To let people know that they aren't alone and it's possible to change everything to become the person you were meant to be.  

Whether you want to inspire or be inspired, a support group is the place to be!

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