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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It's on! 100 days of "If you bite it, write it"

Writing down what you eat no matter what way of eating you are doing can be extremely helpful in losing weight & getting healthy. I know I do a million times better when I do.....heck it's one of the essential things I did to lose 200 pounds.  

Eventually though, you miss a day here and there.  Which is perfectly fine.  If you don't stay on top of it then that missed day becomes many days.  Like me earlier last year.  I had loads of excuses why I didn't lol Stress, moving, my son's autistic meltdowns, etc.  *cough*excuses*cough

I have been tracking pretty good since the day after Christmas but stopped when my mom went into the ICU Friday.  I'm determined to stay on track though. So after seeing all this 100 day stuff, I figured "eh, why not?"

So here I am....committing to 100 days of tracking every bite I put in my mouth ;) 

If you want to join me I have an event on my facebook page that starts today and ends June 23rd.  It doesn't matter how you track app, website or hand. Just do it lol I personally hand write things down though.

Anyone want to join me?

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