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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Breaking a promise....for a good reason

So I've always promised to not sell anything on my fan page & I know I'm breaking this promise with my signature headband I'm promoting.

Which you can purchase here: and if you use the code: F2F10 you get 10% off

Isn't it cute?!?!

There is a good reason for me breaking my promise though.

Not only is it an awesome handmade product but partnering up with Diva Headbands is allowing me to be able to save up for something I've been wanting.

Ok before I get to that, my page gets hundreds of messages a day.  A quarter of those messages are asking me to help promote their "go fund me" for weight loss surgery, weight loss camp, loose skin removal, etc.  

Anyway, I've thought about doing that to help with the removal of my loose skin on my legs but nixed the idea.  It just feels wrong to ask people for money.  I tried selling Origami Owl to help fund it and I do have the money I've earned from that sitting in my savings account but me and OO have parted ways (for reasons I'm not going into).  

I was approached by Diva Headbands to do a giveaway on my page a few months ago.  I've tried lots of headbands, which most I love but these kinda blew them all out of the water.  They stayed totally in place without me having to readjust them at all or pin in place.

I developed a really good relationship with Beverly & Macy, the minds behind Diva Headbands.  They asked me to become an Ambassador & then approached me with this signature band idea.

So here we are :) 

Instead of just asking for money, I'd rather y'all have something in return.  I get a percentage off of this band & I will be putting it aside to have the loose skin on my legs removed.

Which I don't really mind the skin when I'm not running.  When I run I have to wear Spanx to keep it from jerking around (if it jerks around too much I get bruises & other TMI stuff).  I want to keep running <3

Thank you everyone for the support!!  So there you have why I broke my promise.  :)

Btw, by the time I pay for my deductable for my insurance I might as well pay out of pocket *if* my insurance would even cover it (that's a big if too lol)

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