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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Success Story: Katie

Meet Katie!  She has done an amazing job!

Your name & age?  My name is Kate and I am 31 years old

What made you decide to change?  I got so embarrassed to even go see and visit my family.. I was afraid to sit down in chairs because sometimes I couldn't fit into a chair.. and I had a really hard time with self care things like- clipping my toe nails, etc... Of course, other health issues like PCOS, high cholesterol, etc..  

How did you do it? How did I lose 152 lbs- so far?  One healthy choice at a time.. One day at a time.. Diet and exercise.. and honesty to myself about the food I put into my body.. Last, doing this for me and no one else... no comparing to other people.. no doing this to impress other people.. 

What was your biggest challenge?  In the beginning of my journey, I realized that I had an addiction to sugar to get over.. I felt like a crack addict with no crack for a while.. but.. after I got over that hump, I felt WAAAAAAAAAAAY better..

What is your biggest piece of advice to someone who is just starting? One healthy choice at a time... This is a journey without a destination or end... 

Do you have a fan page or blog?  no

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