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Sunday, December 15, 2013

My plan for this week

Like most of you, the holidays are a very busy time for me.  Talk about crazy.....parties at school for all 3 kids which all happen to be on the same day. & almost at the same time (I need a clone lol), shopping to finish up everything completely, wrapping the kid's presents while they are at school, getting my exercise in (I can't wait until my new Zumba World Party Xbox 360 game comes in!), and just every day normal stuff.

How do I find time for breakfast?  I make egg muffins ahead of time.  This week it's eggs, spinach & turkey sausage crumbles.  My recipe can be found here:

Lunch?  I pretend I'm going to school & pack a lunch with snacks to take with me.  I cook some chicken breasts or salmon ahead of time and throw it in a salad.   

Dinner?  My answer is the crock pot.  Easy peasy.

Monday:  Slow cooked roast with brown rice & steamed broccoli

Tuesday:  Chicken Quinoa Soup with Kale

Wednesday:  Slow Cooker Lasagna

Thursday:  Chicken Vegetable Soup

Friday:  Leftovers!

Saturday:  Baked steelhead trout, brown rice, & sautéed asparagus

I hope this gives y'all some ideas :)

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