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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Typical Day in Food for Me

I eat a lot.  In fact if you know me in real life, you see me eating all of the time lol

Today I'm going to try updating this as I go along so bookmark this and keep checking in through out the day!

This is where all of the magic happens.  My food journal.  Yes I still write it by hand.  To me it's easier. (I write notes to myself at the top everyday)

Oh and it really doesn't matter if you do it by app or only matters if you do it lol

To give you an example here it is in pictures: 

My breakfast....3 whole eggs, 1/2c steamed spinach & 1/2oz smoked salmon

First snack....a sliced up bell pepper & string cheese.  Oh and a banana but I ate it before I thought about doing this blog haha

Lunch!!!  See?  I eat bread :) Not Simply Filling (so have to count points) but still yummy!  This is a wrap with a sun-dried tomato flat out bread, 1 wedge of laughing cow garden veggie cheese, 2oz oven baked Jenny-O turkey, 1/4 a cucumber that is julienned long ways, and a handful of baby spinach.

Which I scarfed down.  My oldest called me from school and I went to go get him because I really don't feel like dealing with his school today (all of my Asperger mom's know what I mean lol) is my daughter's violin lesson at school.  I have to go every week.

Got everything written down so far :)

Have to track this....a piece of Godiva Peppermint Bark.  Oh. My. Yum!

My real snack, the other 1/4 of my cucumber.

Dinner is slow cooked trimmed beef round roast, 1/2 cup rice (I totally forgot to pick up brown rice.  My husband only eats white rice so I had some) & asparagus that was sautéed in a little olive oil & garlic.  Yum!

Finally my last snack, air popped popcorn seasoned with a little bit of sea salt to share with my husband & 3 kids while we watch The Santa Clause 2 & The Polar Express :)

Btw, today was strength day for me.  I wound up doing my circuit which is this:


Moral of this post?  Hold yourself accountable by writing everything down.  This was the kick in the butt I needed to make sure I do it more consistently so thank you to those that asked me to do this!

Do you track?  If you do, is it by app (if you want buddies on your app leave your user name and which one you use in the comments) or do you write it down by hand like I do?

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