From Fat to Fit Chick: : The Bigger My Page Gets.....   


Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Bigger My Page Gets.....

The more I realize I will offend or piss people off even if I don't intend to.  Most recently is the whole "I did not have weight loss surgery" debacle.  

I was just stating a fact, that I didn't have WLS, but yet there were people on both sides of the fence attacking each other then turning around and attacking me.

Yes, I deleted both statuses because of all the attacking going on or I would have banned almost every. single. person. that was being negative.

When did people forget others have feelings?

Forget the whole WLS vs. "Old Fashioned Way" thing......this attacking instead of building others up is the norm for people online.  Not everyone mind you but from just my experiences with having my journey in the media, people can be pretty shitty.  

When my magazine cover came out for every supportive message or comment I got, I had 5 more telling me that they photoshopped my mouth and I was an fugly fat bitch.

I know it's the risk for putting myself out there but come on....that does not excuse the horrible behavior of others.  Heaven forbid I call them to task because of their behavior.  Then I'm labelled as too sensitive or negative.  

Just keep in mind next time you see a rant from me:

I don't stand by when my inner voice tries to tear me why wouldn't I stand up for myself or for YOU when others try to do it?

So my message to all of the hateful & petty negative people that stumble across my fan page & blog.....

Maybe if you did you'd have something to show for it ;)

Oh this is for the people asking me to be positive or they are going to stop following me lol