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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Success Story: James

I haven't done a success story in a while but I want to get into spreading the love and showing that I'm not just a fluke by showing off more people that have been successful by losing the weight the "old fashioned" way too!

This is James....he is a great guy I've gotten to know through my fan page on Facebook.  Check out his story below.

James Ray, 32

The biggest catalyst for my change wasn’t very romantic or emotional…it was economic! I was about to graduate with a criminal justice degree and wanted to work in law enforcement but I was so fat I couldn’t tie my shoes without holding my breath, do a proper push-up, and I was a smoker.
Now that I have come so far it is about being a role-model for my kids, supporting my wife, and inspiring others.

Here it is in a nutshell-

  1. Patience, nothing happened fast nor will it ever.
  2. Weight Watchers, introduced me to nutrition and portion control.
  3. Physical activity, started very light with walking/jogging and practicing my push-ups & sit-ups.
  4. Support & Education, this included college courses, reading fitness magazines, utilizing Facebook for support and inspiration, studying for my Group Fitness Certification, and getting a doctor that specializes in Sports Medicine.
  5. Patience, nothing has happened fast nor will it ever.

With a long-term journey like this it is hard to pick a hard-ship or struggle that was the biggest; I have suffered so many set-backs and even given up. Events like losing employment, losing our house, surprise pregnancy, financial difficulties, losing friendships, injuries, sickness, etc…have all conspired to derail me and return me to my 300lbs former self.

Please understand that this must be a lifestyle change and viewed as a long-term journey. I like to think of it in terms of traveling: Visualize trying to reach a clear destination but only knowing where you are starting from and a vague suggestion of a route, you hope to go in a straight line but instead you are going to have to adjust & re-adjust your route constantly as you react to the numerous roadblocks and bumps that you will inevitably encounter. If you stop and ask for directions you will be given 20 different options and no clear answer, and there won’t be any GPS assistance.

It won’t be quick, it won’t be easy, and NO ONE CAN SELL YOU ANYTHING THAT WILL CHANGE THAT!

And last, get support! This is a hard enough journey; don’t make it worse by trying to conquer this on your own. There is so much support out there and it doesn’t need to cost you anything; look to friends who will take this journey with you, seek local support groups, and find support online.



  1. I love the advice about it being a journey with a vague route. Thanks for sharing his story.

  2. thank you both so very much...I lost 50 lbs moved to FL lost my support , my sidewalks and only having my inlaws, hub here I knew or knew of. NOT working as fast as I thought I gained back up to 280lbs ... now at 260 and hoping to be 200 by my 42nd birthday in Jul 2014

  3. I like that you make sure people know that it won't
    Be fast. I joined WW yesterday and I know I have long road ahead as I'm starting at 267 lbs. Ive done WW before and lost 60 lbs....but it all came back plus plenty more. I'm happy to know there is so much online support!

  4. Awesome comgrats, I am doing it alone and it is a tuff road. I have RA and fribro and meds dont help with weight loss. So far i am down 24 lbs got maybe 80 more to go. But I am going to try and keep chugging along. Ilove reading your posts.. gives me hope.. and seeing everyone els with the same success or struggle lets me know i am not alone. Xo thanks

  5. Congratulations! I am just starting out on my own weight loss journey and know I have a tough road ahead. My journey is starting at 325 lbs. with ankle surgery in two weeks and I'm taking advantage of this to make a plan for eating better while I'm laid up. My goal is to lose a few pounds before surgery and a few more just from a healthier diet by the time I am mobile again. Thanks for your example and all the great advice!

  6. Congratulations and thank you for sharing! I always appreciate an inspiring story as I have my own journey of fitness to achieve. I love reading personal weight loss stories daily to help me keep my goal of fitness and good health before me constantly. I'm not just getting older, I'm getting better!

  7. Thank you for sharing. I was recently diagnosed with Diabetes. I am still very upset that I let myself get to this point. I have lost 11 lbs in a month. It is a lot of hard work but I feel determined to get my life back on track.

  8. What an inspiration, thank you for sharing, I also am a lifetime member of WW having lost 125 lbs and now kept it off 1.5 years. Patience is number one. And the other excellent piece of advice you have given is that this is a lifetime journey not a short term diet. Diets don't work. Period.

  9. I particularly like James' comment, "NO ONE CAN SELL YOU ANYTHING THAT WILL CHANGE THAT!"

    It's so easy to start thinking that maybe some new "fat burning" pill or shake or whatever is going to make it easier, but then I just remember that if ANY those things actually worked, all of our doctors would be insisting we use them.