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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Love Affair with Running

I have to admit the thought really did not cross my mind to run until I started walking at the recreation park in Ponchatoula.  You see, there was this older gentleman that was always running when I went out there (Hi, Mr. Ronnie and Mrs Cheryl!) and after a few times crossing his path I got to thinking.....I wanted to be like him.

I asked around online to see exactly what to try because I had no idea what I was doing.  This was after I tried to just jump into running.  Yeah that didn't work out like I wanted it to.  I had someone recommend the C25K program and that is what I did.

Did I go straight through the C25K program?  Nope.  I was stuck on week 1 day 1 for weeks.  Not just a couple of weeks either, it was 5 weeks.  I was not a natural born runner, in fact never ran in my life except those times they made me at PE in high school, and at 250-ish pounds it was just plain hard.

I kept at it though.  Funny thing is, as much as I'm not a natural runner, I felt a sense of freedom and peacefulness when I did do it.  This is the number one reason why I run.  It's not the calories I burn.  It's the best stress reliever for me.

My first race was a 1 mile fun run for the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival and I did wind up walking most of it and I believe I was the very last person to finish.  I was hooked though!

I slowly worked up to being able to run a 5k without walking.  

It wasn't an easy process by any means and if you have to walk some of it or all of it, it is really ok.  Just get out there :)

After about a year of doing 5ks, I started training for my first 10k, the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans. (Which I did with just run/walk intervals, no real program.  Get outside, try to run to a landmark, walk to recover, then find another landmark to run to....gradually pick landmarks further out to run to when it feels easier)

The Crescent City Classic

I loved it!!  It was one of the most fun races I've done so far.  The bands and the New Orleans flair kept me going.
Me and my husband at one of The Color Runs I've done

At a New Years Day 5K

So after getting a bunch of 5ks and the 10k under my belt, I decided I wanted to try a half marathon.  I've been following Hal Higdon's novice half marathon training schedule.  It's free and it's realistic.  Score!

I am nervous about the half marathon but I know I'll get it done....which I'm doing the Woman's Half Marathon in Baton Rouge on December 8th if you want to join me or come cheer me on.

My other races if you want to join me or be a part of the cheer squad:
The Color Run in New Orleans, LA on November 16th
Tag You're It Relay or 5k in Amite, LA on November 23rd
Tampa's Turkey Trot in Tampa, FL on November 28th
Christmas in the Oaks Fun Run in New Orleans on December 7th
My half marathon on December 8th

After the new year I was thinking about doing a walk/run meet up once a month in City Park in New Orleans....keep an eye out for that if you are a local!