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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My Love Affair with Running

I have to admit the thought really did not cross my mind to run until I started walking at the recreation park in Ponchatoula.  You see, there was this older gentleman that was always running when I went out there (Hi, Mr. Ronnie and Mrs Cheryl!) and after a few times crossing his path I got to thinking.....I wanted to be like him.

I asked around online to see exactly what to try because I had no idea what I was doing.  This was after I tried to just jump into running.  Yeah that didn't work out like I wanted it to.  I had someone recommend the C25K program and that is what I did.

Did I go straight through the C25K program?  Nope.  I was stuck on week 1 day 1 for weeks.  Not just a couple of weeks either, it was 5 weeks.  I was not a natural born runner, in fact never ran in my life except those times they made me at PE in high school, and at 250-ish pounds it was just plain hard.

I kept at it though.  Funny thing is, as much as I'm not a natural runner, I felt a sense of freedom and peacefulness when I did do it.  This is the number one reason why I run.  It's not the calories I burn.  It's the best stress reliever for me.

My first race was a 1 mile fun run for the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival and I did wind up walking most of it and I believe I was the very last person to finish.  I was hooked though!

I slowly worked up to being able to run a 5k without walking.  

It wasn't an easy process by any means and if you have to walk some of it or all of it, it is really ok.  Just get out there :)

After about a year of doing 5ks, I started training for my first 10k, the Crescent City Classic in New Orleans. (Which I did with just run/walk intervals, no real program.  Get outside, try to run to a landmark, walk to recover, then find another landmark to run to....gradually pick landmarks further out to run to when it feels easier)

The Crescent City Classic

I loved it!!  It was one of the most fun races I've done so far.  The bands and the New Orleans flair kept me going.
Me and my husband at one of The Color Runs I've done

At a New Years Day 5K

So after getting a bunch of 5ks and the 10k under my belt, I decided I wanted to try a half marathon.  I've been following Hal Higdon's novice half marathon training schedule.  It's free and it's realistic.  Score!

I am nervous about the half marathon but I know I'll get it done....which I'm doing the Woman's Half Marathon in Baton Rouge on December 8th if you want to join me or come cheer me on.

My other races if you want to join me or be a part of the cheer squad:
The Color Run in New Orleans, LA on November 16th
Tag You're It Relay or 5k in Amite, LA on November 23rd
Tampa's Turkey Trot in Tampa, FL on November 28th
Christmas in the Oaks Fun Run in New Orleans on December 7th
My half marathon on December 8th

After the new year I was thinking about doing a walk/run meet up once a month in City Park in New Orleans....keep an eye out for that if you are a local!


  1. You are such an inspiration to me. I was once 251 pounds but had gastric bypass surgery after back surgery. I am now at 148 pounds but still a fat girl inside and still hate exercise but so want to be healthy. I want to start running. I have been dealing with plantar fasciitis so have not even been able to walk much but have been following your FB. My foot is much better so I hope to get started on the C25K soon. Good luck on the 13.1!! My coworker just ran her first one in PCola last weekend. I hope I can do my first 5K in 2014 and maybe have a 13.1 on my car too in the near future too! :)

    1. Leighsme, I had plantar fasciitis before and found that a frozen water works wonders. Put it on the ground and roll over it with your foot.

  2. I want to run!!!!! There is someone inside me that's says its a runner but the fat lady squashed her

  3. I am the same way...I actually said out loud that I wanted to be a runner...and the person I was talking to laughed at me and said that it would be a cold day in he$$ before that crushed, on the other hand,,inspire me....I got on my treadmill for the first time today in forever....and that is because I am inspired by your was only 10 minutes..but it was something...and you know felt great! Thank you...

  4. You are a true inspiration!! I run a block, walk a block. I've lost 127 lbs ( had lost 157 but I gained back 30 ='() & still can't control my breathing enough to do a straight run. I'm now 241, so I'm still a pretty big girl, despite the fact that I'm 5'10"...Anyway, I saw your lose skin video, and was wondering if you have a hanging belly (2 c-sections being over 350 did a number on me!)?! It really bothers me to hear this disgusting flapping sound as I run. I think this could also be part of the reason I won't run past a block, especially when there are people around. I use a girdle and a compression tank top and I still feel and hear it. Is there anything you can recommend?!

  5. Hi Tanee! I love reading your posts on fb. This is the first I have read your blog. I have to say you are amazing!!! I have lost 90 lbs and 130 inches. All by eating right and working out. I was 234 lbs and now at 144. It took me 2 years and this past year I have been stuck. That is due to going back to work part time and not eating as healthy as I should be. When I started running I only wanted to run 1 mile straight then I was done. I never ran before except like you, in high school. I have ran many 5k's, a few 10k's and 10 milers. I have also completed 2 1/2 marathons and signed up for my 3rd at the end of March. I am also a manager of a running club. You will do great on your 1/2 marathon, just remember it's only a 5k with a 10 mile warm up. I am trying to lose my last 10 lbs by the end of December. Whenever I sit here and think about where I was and where I am now, I tear up. To see other people do what I have done also makes me tear up. It's so amazing the strength and dedication that it takes and we have to do this. Thank you for the fb page and this blog. It helps me to stay on track.

  6. Tanee, you're remarkable. Again, as usual after reading a blog from you, i wish i lived in the south again so i could be your neighbor. Exactly how i feel. I want to run. One day i will get there and you'll hear me, all the way in NOLA, whooping it up. <3 Beth

  7. Such an inspiration I have done several fun runs 5k but I'm on week 4 of the c25k it's tough but I finally signed up for my 1st 10k in 2014 ahhhhhh I'm terrified lol but run walk or crawl I will complete it :) Thank you for sharing your story ♡

  8. Tanee! Running has been my addiction as well. I find that keeping a goal race on my calendar helps keep me accountable to training and motivated. I also use the Run/Walk method and love it...I've completed my 3rd half marathon this past Sat/Sun at Disney and it was what got me through to the end feeling strong and injury free. Best of luck with your half in a few weeks.

  9. My son and I started C25K a few weeks ago, and I am still on the first day too! Makes me feel better knowing I'm not the only one spending so much time there! It's tough for a newbie. Some days it feels AHHH-mazing, other days it is pure torture. Now that it's getting colder I am finding it harder to make myself get out there in the mornings. I may have to move it indoors and use my elliptical! I'm hoping to sign my son and I up for the OKC Memorial 1M fun run in the spring!

  10. You're such an inspiration! Like you I was not a natural born runner but 3 months ago I decided I wanted to be able to run. I started the C25KM challenge and before the 8 weeks were finished I ran my first 5km and last Tuesday I ran my first 10km race and I actually did it woo! Okay it took me 80minutes and 40 seconds but hey I never stopped jogging! Weight watchers and my own determination and desire has allowed me to pursue the things in life I want! 77.5lbs gone so far, 5.5lbs more to goal with WW and then a little extra for my own personal goal! It is stories like yours which keep people going in hard times! congratulations :) Gráinne :)

  11. Hello, greetings from GERMANY !!!!

    It is so great to read your block !!..............WOW............ !!!!!

    Heike P.