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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How I Grocery Shop

The grocery store can your biggest ally if you shop it right or a big enemy.  So I'm going to give you the tips I use to keep it a good trip.

1.  Eat before you go shopping.  I make the worst decisions when I'm hungry.  

2. Make a list of staples you need to get plus what you need for your meals & snacks.  

3.  Shop the perimeter of the store for the most of your stuff.  

4.  Rule for the center aisles?  If your great great grandma wouldn't recognize the ingredients you might want to skip it for the most part (or totally skip).

5.  Don't be afraid to read the labels & just because it says it's made with whole grain or made with 2% cheese doesn't mean it's good for you (yeah I'm looking at you 2% Velveeta shells & cheese lol).

Over all my tips can be summed up in this picture ;) 


  1. I shop the outer perimeter too. Then I zip through the isles for non perishables in the healthy organic sections. The isles with sugars are taboo. Although I do stock up on canned veggies and fruits that are low sodium and less sugars. They are good in a pinch! Keep up the great work! You look fabulous!

  2. I remember what some comedian said about Hostess Twinkies many years ago: "You should live that long!"

  3. My husband and I changed our lifestyle in February, 2012. He has lost close to 100 and I have lost 80. We still have more to lose but realized from the beginning that it's all about choices and that starts at the grocery store! Like you, we have 3 children and they are learning to look at labels as well!!

  4. Hi I'm enjoying reading your blog. Do you know of any good sources of fiber (recommendations for women daily is about 25grams), that don't involve whole wheat? I'm trying to cut back on wheat products as I think I may have an allergy. There are a few obvious ones like apples, but for some reason I struggle with this dietary issue. Just ideas for quick and easy sources of fiber that I could add. Or maybe a reader has ideas? Thanks Barbara

  5. I just stumbled upon your blog and I think this will be added to my daily reading list! The photo of food that goes bad is good for you is GREAT! Very simple. I love it!