From Fat to Fit Chick: : I remember.....   


Monday, October 28, 2013

I remember.....

See this girl? 

I remember her.

She was teased most of her life for her weight, been called Ta-fatty, had milk shakes thrown at her from cars, people mooed when she walked by, had chairs break on her, had to either special order her clothes & many times just borrowed her dad's shirts and lived through emotional abuse.

Still she smiles in this picture.

I also remember when she wasn't smiling.  When family members would tell her she would be beautiful....if she lost the weight.  Her smile slowly dimmed.

Eventually she started to think like everyone else.  She felt worthless.  Less than human.  Like not herself.  Who was she anymore?  She didn't know.

No matter what her best friend or husband did they could not get her to smile.  

She fell into a deep depression & wanted to end everything.  She even came close once but the sounds of her children's laughter made her think twice.

She went to her support system, her best friend and her husband.  They took her to someone she could talk to, to help her sort her feelings.  They then encouraged her to go to a convention for the company she worked with & to see friends.  

See, it was there that it finally clicked that she needed to try to love herself as much as the people that loved her did.

This is where she found that smile you see in that picture.

She worked very hard to love & accept herself.  To change herself for the better.

So while you think her journey might only be about losing weight, it's so much more than that.  Her journey is about loving herself so much that everyone who meets her walks away loving themselves a little more.

I know this girl right here.....

Loves herself more every day because of her.

The End.