From Fat to Fit Chick: : Calling in the Calvary   


Monday, October 21, 2013

Calling in the Calvary

I had to recently enlist help for my facebook page.  The number of people liking it, the people asking for help, the spammers, and the trolls have made it overwhelming.  I've enjoyed seeing everyone make it a community but there are like 115K of y'all and one of me lol  So I asked my best friend, Summer, if she would be interested.  Other than my husband, she knows me best & sometimes better than he does since we've been together since we were little.

She said yes & I've felt like a weight has been lifted :) 

(We are mostly as you can tell lol)

She's getting rid of the trolls, spam & answering what she is comfortable with in the tons of messages I get every day.  Summer is amazing, not only has she been through my weight loss journey with me but she has over come some odds to become who she is today :)

Did I mention that she is also doing this all for free?!  So a big huge THANK YOU to my bestie!!  <3

I do need to prioritize a little more since my high functioning Autistic child is out of school until we get his meds stabilized & the school gets their head out of their butt, so instead of stressing over trying to answer all of my messages I'm going to be doing a weekly video to try to cover some of the most asked questions.  

Everyone liked my loose skin video so hopefully this is a good idea lol 

So if you could ask me any question, what would you ask me?


  1. Hi, I'm new here and my question is how did you lose the weight and how long did it take you? I ask because I am also trying to lose about 35kg (77lb) and it's not exactly easy, even though I am eating healthy and going to the gym. It seems like nothing is happening and I may be wasting my time.

  2. My question is how I can help my sister become more healthy? What can I do or say? She is very overweight and unhealthy and I think very unhappy. I don't know what to say or what to do. How can I help her help herself without making her want to run away from me? I just want to see her happy and in good health.

  3. I am addicted to sugar. I have found that this is VERY common, especially with people that have been overweight at one point or another in their lives. What is the best way to break this addiction without being on some super restrictive diet (because in my experience as soon as I hear the word diet, I want to eat a whole cake)