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Monday, September 23, 2013

My plan for this week!

This past week has been a very very busy time on my page.  For some reason I gained over 13,000 new people over there.  Yeah, that wasn't a typo. Someone mentioned that they saw me as a sponsored ad on their newsfeed but I don't believe in paying to promote a page that I make no profit from.  I know I sound like I'm complaining.  I'm not, it just has me at a loss on what Facebook is doing.  Hopefully they won't expect me to pay for something I didn't buy lol

How ever you got here....welcome!!

Ok so now the fun stuff.....

My meals for the week:
Breakfasts - egg muffins (recipe can be found here or egg omelet

Pre long run workout - My favorite Strawberry Banana Smoothie ( or I take out the banana and add in 2 tbsp of low fat cream cheese to make a strawberry cheesecake smoothie

Lunch - I bought Cajun Turkey from the deli this week so either I'll have wraps or fold it's with that meat, a laughing cow cheese wedge and lots of veggies

Snacks - yogurt, air popped popcorn, cheese sticks, sliced cucumbers or zucchini with ranch, bananas, pluots

Dinner - Last night we had Chicken Marsala from  We have Smoked Sausage and Vegetable medley with garlic mashed potatoes for tonight (from emeals), Santa Fe Chicken Pie (emeals) with a salad, Crockpot Chicken Enchilada Soup (from skinnytaste), Chicken, Mushroom, and Brown Rice Slow Cooker Casserole (from weightwatchers), baked salmon with asparagus and quinoa, Crockpot beef roast with veggies and brown rice

My exercise is scheduled in too....Yesterday it was a 6 mile run, Monday weights at the gym, Tuesday 8 mile run and Zumba, Wednesday weight day, Thursday 8-9 mile run, Friday off, Saturday 5k charity run, Sunday off.

Oh!  I'm also sponsoring another Dietbet that will be starting on my birthday, October 4th!  Basically you buy into the pot, which is $20, and who ever wins at the end of the month by losing 4% of your body weight gets to split the money.  Yes they have measures in place to keep people from cheating.  The link to the game is

Ready for a recipe?  Courtesy of Weight Watchers :)

Chicken, Mushroom, and Brown Rice Slow Cooker Casserole

Chicken Mushroom and Brown Rice Casserole
Weight Watchers Recipe
4 Stars
Ratings (1271)
Prep time: 15 min
Cook time: 426 min
Other time: 0 min
Serves: 8
A fabulous slow cooker meal that’s easy enough for a casual weeknight meal and tasty enough for a weekend gathering.



  • Coat a large nonstick skillet with cooking spray; warm over medium heat. Add the chicken thighs and brown, turning once, about 6 minutes; set aside.
  • Combine the remaining ingredients in a 5- to 6-quart slow cooker; nestle the chicken thighs in the mixture. Cover and cook on low for 7 hours. Yields 1 chicken thigh and about 2/3 cup rice-vegetable mixture per serving.

Do you have a plan for this week?


  1. I'm not at all surprised you are "going viral" :-) .. actually I bookmarked you a month ago and have been reading you since then.. your advice is just spot on and easy to follow and your recipes haven't EVER come out bad.. keep going dear!!

  2. That shake sounds amazing with cream cheese ! I also saw you promoted. But it didn't say promoted. My news feed has had a lot of that of stuff I like.

  3. My Facebook brought your page up as a suggestion, based on my likes :) it wasn't an advertisement though, I get them all the time. Hopefully that helps :) my name is Misty and I look forward to joining your page!

  4. I joined because I saw your dietbet and joined that. From there I wanted more information. Excited to see what you offer and to be part of the dietbet.

  5. I'm the same as Misty, your page was "suggested" not "sponsored", which I guess means Facebook loves what you do! Congrats girl, you totally deserve it! What a great resource you have here!

  6. I too received a suggestion from FB. Which emeals.plan do you use? I just re-joined emeals and they have so many food plans now, I was overwhelmed.

  7. I saw your page through a facebook "suggestion" (not a sponsored ad) but I just started reading your blog! You are such and inspiration and I am so happy that you have decided to share your journey!