From Fat to Fit Chick: : Comparison is the thief of joy, for realz   


Monday, September 16, 2013

Comparison is the thief of joy, for realz

Are you constantly looking at other people and instead of being happy for them, you get jealous & want to beat them at a competition that is only in your head?

We all see that green-eyed monster at some point.  It's how you handle it that can either make or break you.


Ok so now that I said that.....
I love the support I get from all of you and 
love to cheer you all on as much as I can.


Want to know what I started out with?

I started out with 5 minutes.

5 hellish minutes of exercise a day.

I didn't jump into Insanity (I've yet to do it too lol) and I didn't go from zero to hours of exercise in the attempt to "keep up with the Joneses of the weight loss world".

5 freakishly long minutes.  I thought those 5 minutes was going to kill me.

Did I get jealous when I saw people doing more?  You bet I did.  I had to learn to put blinders on and worry about what I was doing.  Hard?  Yes indeed!  Do able?  Of course....with a little bit of work.

What am I trying to get at?

Comparison is the thief of your joy.  Know your limits & aim for them.  Instead of being hard on yourself because you only did "X" today twist that around!  

You are a freaking ROCKSTAR because you did "X" today!  


Are you going to let comparison steal your joy?


  1. What a great post and reminder to all of us!! I think that comparison in any area of life is a joy stealer - when I first started blogging I really struggled with the comparison trap. Once I got over that I realized that I love blogging and the community and it doesn't matter what others can do/achieve - I just do what I do.

  2. Hi my name is Lisa and Im 43 years old. I currently weigh 336 pounds. I try to eat healthy and workout everyday but I always fail and get unmotivated and quit!!! I need help!!!! I need someone to teach me how and what to eat. When I do stick to it, I have myself eating 1500 a day or less. Please help me!!!!! You have loss so much weight!!!! HELP!!!! Im so depressed because of this!!!!!

    1. Lisa, don't give up! Go see your doctor or speak to a nutritionist regarding how many calories to eat a day. Sometimes when we don't eat enough our bodies go into starvation made and sort of shuts down. I am not as professional and am on my own journey but heard your flea for help in your post. I recently bought a Polar watch that counts your calories that you burn in a day while you wear it. I was surprised to see that I burn close to 3000 calories a day so eating 1600 a day was not enough to fuel my body. Pushing it up close to 2000 and hoping for better results. Good luck to you on your journey!

  3. Back in January 2007, I just started with walking. Then I walked and walked and walked--600 miles. And then I dipped my toes into weight lifting on machines. The next year I learned how to do free weights. The next year yoga.

    Now, 6 years later, I'm a fitness freak--happening just one baby step at at time. I do so many fantastic exercises, bench press with the 45 pound plates on the bar, headstands, standing backbends, splits.<<All of this fitness journey started with walking!!!

    So NO ONE should think that walking is not good enough. Just start with something you can do--and keep taking baby steps of progress. :D

  4. I love those quotes. I used to compare my journey to a lot of other people I saw. I realized then that everyone is different and everyone's body responds differently! So thanks for sharing these! Just reminded me that I am my own person :)

  5. ANd how gradually did you increase your rythm of exercise?