From Fat to Fit Chick: : Gym Contracts?   


Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gym Contracts?

So the biggest reason I'm hesitant to join a gym with a contract is because if I decide to get out of it, it's almost as painful as a divorce, money-wise lol

I finally was able to get out of the contract with the Hammond, LA Curves and let me tell you.....never again.  I only went one time & I wound up having to homeschool my oldest until we moved.  

They called to check in with me and I said I needed to go ahead & cancel my membership.  What did they say?  Ok!  It just will be $50 to get out of the contract.

Yeah it wasn't that easy.

It wasn't pointed out to me that I had to put it in writing and they assumed that I knew to look at my contract.

I mean come on.  Here I was moving, trying to teach my autistic son, close on a house, travel back & forth to New York for magazine shoots and the Today Show.  I was busy.  Everyone is busy.....this is how businesses prey on people.

So the lack of business ethics & common courtesy with this one company is making me gun shy about committing.

I have to admit I did love Cross Gates in Slidell (the Ponchatrain location), it's small and everyone seemed friendly.  

Do I want to commit to a contract though?  The "what if's" are getting the best of me.  

Luckily I have a 10 day pass to decide & I think I saw where I could join without a contract.  *fingers crossed*

Did I mention I really enjoyed myself there?

Damn stupid businesses that try to ruin it for other people :/