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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gym Contracts?

So the biggest reason I'm hesitant to join a gym with a contract is because if I decide to get out of it, it's almost as painful as a divorce, money-wise lol

I finally was able to get out of the contract with the Hammond, LA Curves and let me tell you.....never again.  I only went one time & I wound up having to homeschool my oldest until we moved.  

They called to check in with me and I said I needed to go ahead & cancel my membership.  What did they say?  Ok!  It just will be $50 to get out of the contract.

Yeah it wasn't that easy.

It wasn't pointed out to me that I had to put it in writing and they assumed that I knew to look at my contract.

I mean come on.  Here I was moving, trying to teach my autistic son, close on a house, travel back & forth to New York for magazine shoots and the Today Show.  I was busy.  Everyone is busy.....this is how businesses prey on people.

So the lack of business ethics & common courtesy with this one company is making me gun shy about committing.

I have to admit I did love Cross Gates in Slidell (the Ponchatrain location), it's small and everyone seemed friendly.  

Do I want to commit to a contract though?  The "what if's" are getting the best of me.  

Luckily I have a 10 day pass to decide & I think I saw where I could join without a contract.  *fingers crossed*

Did I mention I really enjoyed myself there?

Damn stupid businesses that try to ruin it for other people :/


  1. we joined a gym in Jan. In the past that has been a bad idea. We usually don't go. This year we haven't been as much as we should, but we do go. So we are doing better. At the end of the contract we can do month to month, but on my weight loss journey it's been nice to know I have a place to go and work out. This membership has been good...we are reaching for a goal, and we are making progress!
    PS. I have a son with Autism too!

  2. Thankfully, there are a couple of gyms here in the Omaha area that we can join w/no long-term contract.... Blue Moon is$10 a month. I wish that was available to everyone!

  3. When I started on my fitness journey, I joined a small gym ran by our local hospital. Great rate of $27 per month, awesome classes and people but the hours were awful 6 am to 9 pm. Once I started working a second job, going there became impossible. We have an Anytime Fitness here but all I'd ever heard were contract horror stories. My solution was to find someone who needed out of their contract - take it over - and then continue month to month. I admittedly have only been there once but its kinda like starting a new school and I feel awkward especially because it mostly heavy lifters who go this gym. Scary.

  4. I gave myself a birthday present of two months of Jazzercise. When they charged my card for the third month, after I had told them I was leaving the state and thanked them for two fun months of exercise, I was told I had to put it in writing. No amount of trying would get that lady to relent. They were already charging $53 a month for classes when I was used to paying $35, but they got an extra month out of me and I got nothing. :(