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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Game plan for this week!

My hardest thing to do is track.  I know if I take the time to do it my results are awesome but I don't always do it.  Why? Pure laziness lol I plan out my meals every week & I have no excuse not to write that shit down when I put it in my mouth.

So I'm challenging myself to track on paper every single day for the next 7 days.  

And I mean everything.

Feelings & all.  Good, not so good....whatever I put in my mouth

Sounds easy right ? ;)

Other than far as exercise goes I'm all planned out & I'm doing the arm challenge too that's in the exercise tab on here & on my fan page:

Monday: 7 mile run in the evening when my husband gets home.  I have a Dr's appointment for one of my minions in the morning.  

Tuesday:  Bodypump 

Wednesday:  10 mile run in the morning & 

Thursday:  Bodypump

Friday:  Rest day & Weight Watcher's meeting

Saturday:  10 mile run in the morning

Sunday:  Rest day....maybe bike riding with the family, nothing crazy though

Sounds like a good week!


Do you track your food, feelings & activity?

Join me in my 7 day tracking challenge this week!  Monday to Monday....we got this!


  1. Im new to ur facebook page and blog. what is the latest time you eat ur last meal?

    1. I eat my last snack at around 8:30 :) not strict on the time though, I've eaten later. We usually eat dinner around 5:30-6pm