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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Girl and Her Band Giveaway and Review!

Headbands are totally my favorite things to collect besides running shoes as far as fitness products go.

Enter A Girl and Her Band!  I normally go for a wider band because the smaller ones don't stay in my hair.  So I wasn't so sure about it but give equal opportunity to every headband I meet lol

In fact I wore this one almost all week....

It stays in while running....

And it stays in with Zumba.

I'm sold lol

Now there is a difference between sweat & hairbands:

Sweatbands catch the sweat.

Hairbands keep your hair from going all like this....

I am totally digging the purple hair, btw.

So what makes this company so special?

First they do a Mentorpreneurship Program.

"Our program will show each participant how we came up with the idea for our business and the steps we took to incorporate. We will also show participants how we went about choosing a name, logo, building a website, sourcing materials, interviewing manufacturers and other aspects involved in the startup and day to day running of AGAHB."

How cool, right?

They also give back.  AGAHB gives to a charity of the month and also has other charities they help with throughout the year.  To read more,

The pay it forward attitude was what made me decide to work with them :)

Here are better pictures of the headband

Now....are you ready to win one???  Enter below for your chance.  You can also get a chance by sharing the picture I'll be posting on my page!

Good luck y'all!

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  1. I love headbands! They are so vital to keeping flyaways gone... These look really cute!

  2. my favorite workout is definitely walking/hiking...although right now I am definitely just working on getting back at it after a tough knee surgery in march of this year. A good headband would be wonderful since I hate hair being in my face!!

    1. I enjoy jogging through my neighborhood. I'm doing the C25K program. Currently I'm stuck in week 5,but I still love it!

    2. I enjoy jogging through my neighborhood. I'm currently using the C25K program to help get in better shape.

  3. My favorite workout right now is jogging/walking. I'm loving the different 5ks that are available

  4. Favorite Workout Is Running FolloweD By A Close Second Place Of Boot camp

  5. My favorite work out is a good step class. I'm to busy to remember the steps and not fall over my two feet to realize I'm getting a great workout!

  6. My absolute favourite workout at the moment is kettlebells. I just feel so strong and powerful when swinging two of those babies around!

  7. I'm loving my new jogging routine with my 5 month old and jogging stroller. I get to see AZ's beauty and get in shape. I did your squat challenge in July also-big help!

  8. My favorite workout is riding my bike. Where I live there are hills everywhere.

  9. Entered! it's the first and last song I listen to on all my workouts, so I'm dying to have it! If I don't win, is there a way to buy this one still?

  10. I've shared! I love the head band I usually wear Sweaty Bands. But these looks cool too. My favorite workout is ZUMBA!

  11. My favorite workout is ZUMBA and walking!

  12. Yoga is a new favorite, walking and running! Kimberly S

  13. Hands down? Running :)

    Maryalicia Verdecchia

  14. Running is always my favorite workout, but I joined a bootcamp 3 weeks ago and I'm LOVING it!

  15. I love to run but I'm also a big fan of frisbee :D

  16. Running is my favorite workout. I also cross-train at the gym with weights. When I have time, I enjoy doing yoga.