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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Exercise: Are you doing too much, too soon?

When I used to work in gyms and aerobic studios there was one thing that kind of bothered still does when I get messages from frustrated people about having a hard time.

No, not typical gym etiquette being ignored.

It was/is the amount of women coming in when we reopened in the afternoon & staying until we close...4 hours of classes.  Not to mention all cardio.  Yeah, I'm looking at you my beginners.

Why is this a bad idea?

This is not livable.  Are you going to exercise 4 hours a day, 6-7 days a week forever?  I know shows like Extreme Weight Loss and Biggest Loser show absolute newbies working out 6+ hours a day but I hope y'all realize that those shows aren't exactly real life.

I know for me it isn't something I'd care or want to do.  

So what do you start with?

If you are totally inactive, try for 30 minutes a day.  Or if you are like me, I was so out of shape, I started out with 5-10 minutes a day.  Slowly work your time up.  Rome wasn't built in a day.

All cardio?  Try body weight or some kind of strength exercises too.  Push-ups, lunges, squats, etc....which all can be modified depending on experience.

Above all, when in doubt, do something you enjoy.  If you enjoy it, you'll be more likely to stick with it.

Just don't run yourself into the ground or you'll probably get frustrated and walk away.

It's all about finding a balance.  Find yours <3

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gym Contracts?

So the biggest reason I'm hesitant to join a gym with a contract is because if I decide to get out of it, it's almost as painful as a divorce, money-wise lol

I finally was able to get out of the contract with the Hammond, LA Curves and let me tell you.....never again.  I only went one time & I wound up having to homeschool my oldest until we moved.  

They called to check in with me and I said I needed to go ahead & cancel my membership.  What did they say?  Ok!  It just will be $50 to get out of the contract.

Yeah it wasn't that easy.

It wasn't pointed out to me that I had to put it in writing and they assumed that I knew to look at my contract.

I mean come on.  Here I was moving, trying to teach my autistic son, close on a house, travel back & forth to New York for magazine shoots and the Today Show.  I was busy.  Everyone is busy.....this is how businesses prey on people.

So the lack of business ethics & common courtesy with this one company is making me gun shy about committing.

I have to admit I did love Cross Gates in Slidell (the Ponchatrain location), it's small and everyone seemed friendly.  

Do I want to commit to a contract though?  The "what if's" are getting the best of me.  

Luckily I have a 10 day pass to decide & I think I saw where I could join without a contract.  *fingers crossed*

Did I mention I really enjoyed myself there?

Damn stupid businesses that try to ruin it for other people :/

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A Girl and Her Band Giveaway and Review!

Headbands are totally my favorite things to collect besides running shoes as far as fitness products go.

Enter A Girl and Her Band!  I normally go for a wider band because the smaller ones don't stay in my hair.  So I wasn't so sure about it but give equal opportunity to every headband I meet lol

In fact I wore this one almost all week....

It stays in while running....

And it stays in with Zumba.

I'm sold lol

Now there is a difference between sweat & hairbands:

Sweatbands catch the sweat.

Hairbands keep your hair from going all like this....

I am totally digging the purple hair, btw.

So what makes this company so special?

First they do a Mentorpreneurship Program.

"Our program will show each participant how we came up with the idea for our business and the steps we took to incorporate. We will also show participants how we went about choosing a name, logo, building a website, sourcing materials, interviewing manufacturers and other aspects involved in the startup and day to day running of AGAHB."

How cool, right?

They also give back.  AGAHB gives to a charity of the month and also has other charities they help with throughout the year.  To read more,

The pay it forward attitude was what made me decide to work with them :)

Here are better pictures of the headband

Now....are you ready to win one???  Enter below for your chance.  You can also get a chance by sharing the picture I'll be posting on my page!

Good luck y'all!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, August 26, 2013

Action > Words

I can sit there and give advice, tell you my struggles, show you that a regular person can do it, try to inspire, out line eating or exercise plans but until someone puts them into action it's just words.

I'm guilty of this too.

Sometimes it takes just closing your eyes and jumping in.

Sometimes it's inching in.

Whatever works for you....just do it.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Game plan for this week!

My hardest thing to do is track.  I know if I take the time to do it my results are awesome but I don't always do it.  Why? Pure laziness lol I plan out my meals every week & I have no excuse not to write that shit down when I put it in my mouth.

So I'm challenging myself to track on paper every single day for the next 7 days.  

And I mean everything.

Feelings & all.  Good, not so good....whatever I put in my mouth

Sounds easy right ? ;)

Other than far as exercise goes I'm all planned out & I'm doing the arm challenge too that's in the exercise tab on here & on my fan page:

Monday: 7 mile run in the evening when my husband gets home.  I have a Dr's appointment for one of my minions in the morning.  

Tuesday:  Bodypump 

Wednesday:  10 mile run in the morning & 

Thursday:  Bodypump

Friday:  Rest day & Weight Watcher's meeting

Saturday:  10 mile run in the morning

Sunday:  Rest day....maybe bike riding with the family, nothing crazy though

Sounds like a good week!


Do you track your food, feelings & activity?

Join me in my 7 day tracking challenge this week!  Monday to Monday....we got this!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I was asked a question a few weeks ago and have been thinking about it daily on how to put the answer into words.

What was the question?

"Why did you let yourself get to 360 pounds?"

I'm not exactly sure why that weight was the wake up point for me honestly.  It just was.  Thankfully.

As most of you know, I'm an emotional eater.  I was pretty much raised that way.  Hell, I'm from New Orleans and if you have ever been here you know that we indulge daily.  Sad?  Let's party with a second line and eat!  Happy?  Let's party with a second line and eat!

That was kinda summed up and prettified so I'll try to elaborate.

I have always been an emotional eater.  It's part of my personality and how I was raised.  When my parent's divorced, we were raised by my mom and grandmother (Nana).  My mom worked at night as a nurse and my grandmother picked up when my mom needed to rest or work.  It was a very stressful time and I remember us not having much food in the house for a long time.  When it got particularly stressful, we all got treated to stuff like ice cream and cookies.  When everything was going great, we got ice cream and cookies.  This started the cycle.

When things got heated in my house the first thing to be pointed out was my weight.  I was accused of eating all the food in the house and if I would stop eating I would be beautiful.  At first I got confused and then out right defiant since at that point I wasn't sneaking food.  So what did I do?  I started sneaking food.

Did I say this was a hard question to answer?

I'll stop there but hopefully you get a little on how I started.

Now back to how I let myself get that big.

I just didn't see myself as 360 pounds.  I avoided pictures.  I knew I was getting bigger but I didn't step on the scale when I started the "big life altering weight loss journey" until I think the third day of starting.  It was a shocking experience.  It was at the doctor's office because my scale at home wouldn't go past 300 pounds.  I cried.  I remember asking myself why.  I swore I wasn't eating a lot (what a lie lol) and didn't know how I did it.  Luckily I didn't want to hear my own excuses.

In reality, it took time to gain it.

I didn't suddenly balloon up.  It took years for me to get up that high.  We moved to Florida and completely away from my family.  I was a stay at home mom and submerged myself into playgroups and focused on being a mom.  It was a complete identity crisis that I lived with for years.  To deal I ate.  At the time I had no idea what was wrong or why I was so freaking unhappy.

It didn't really dawn on me a little bit until Hurricane Katrina happened.  Being so far away from my friends and family while they were going through the devastation was super hard on me.  I felt even more lost.  We had decided before Katrina to move back to the New Orleans area but the urgency I felt afterwards was almost mind numbing. My emotional eating again escalated.  At this point I buying almost 5 boxes of Little Debbies a day and eating all of them before my husband would get home from work.  If he was out of town, it meant nights that I wouldn't sleep much and I would eat almost the entire time.

By the time we moved back home to Louisiana I was in such a big downward spiral.  Kind of like an out of control train.  It wasn't stopping no matter how much I told myself I needed to.  I was always crying, never laughing, miserable and thought about committing suicide almost all of the time.  I remember pulling up to a tree and just envisioning myself ramming my SUV into it as hard as I could to kill myself.  I just felt like I was drowning and forgot how to swim.

I reached out to my best friend and told her how I was feeling.  She alerted my husband and I started seeing someone.  They put me on wellbutrin and I was encouraged to become more involved with the direct sales company I was with by going to their convention in New Orleans so I could get some time to myself.

I know it's not a real answer for the question but that is how I came to start slowly waking up and giving myself the permission to turn myself into who I wanted to be :)

The number itself wasn't the issue.  It was the internal things that were going on that made me change.....not the number.

Monday, August 19, 2013

I've come to the conclusion....

That I want the extra skin on my legs taken off.

The more serious I've gotten with running, the more it moves, the more it moves, the more I want it off.

It's down right annoying & compression pants aren't made for hot and humid weather lol

I know, I know....I think I've heard it all. 

Lift heavy! (Unless I bulk up like the Hulk in my scary will not tighten my skin)

Love yourself as you are! (Who says I don't?) 

Try my wrap! (It is *not* a miracle worker no matter what you think)

Get the surgery! (I still haven't decided if I want to do it, I'm looking at my options)

Don't get it! (Still gotta weigh my options)

The biggest thing that sticks out is people telling me to love myself.  I can't help but get a little angry.  Just because I want to change something about myself doesn't mean I don't love myself.

No one told me I needed to love myself when I decided to lose 200 pounds.  I don't see how this is any different honestly.  Btw, I wanted to lose the weight *because* I love myself.

I get told to love myself.....but I already do.  No matter what I want to change, whether it's to lose the weight I regained (ironically I've been told I need to love myself with that too) or take skin off to make me more comfortable, I don't love myself any less for it.

I know people are well meaning when they say it.  I really do.  I'm trying to look at it from that angle lol

Instead of asking people to just give me money (How weird is that? Goodness lol People never cease to amaze me) I signed up with Origami Owl and decided to start saving.  

How cool is this triathlon locket?

It's your it in your locket :)

Anyway, if you'd like to help me....I do facebook & in person parties in the Northshore or New Orleans area.  My website is

Yes, it's direct sales.  It's not a weight loss company ;) 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Prepping makes my week go easier!

My biggest downfall is snacks.  I'm a grazer by nature & instead of trying to get myself to stop, I graze on stuff like fresh veggies & fruit.

To give you an idea this is what I do to make it easier with grapes.  This took me not even 10 minutes to do.

First I separate them from the bunch to wash & get rid of the grapes that aren't any good.

Making sure they are clean :) I use a solution of diluted vinegar (one part vinegar to three parts water) then rinse.

Then I measure out a serving, in this case 1 cup.

Next I put them in the snack ziplock bags. (Yeah, shame on me for using disposables but I do recycle them)

They go on a shelf in my fridge.  Out in the open so I can just grab & go!

I also do this with string beans, broccoli, grape tomatoes, sliced cucumber, zucchini & pretty thing else that would fit in a bag.  

Make it easy & the easier it is to stay on plan!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Starting Over

It's been a long time coming but I decided to go back to what I shed the 200 pounds I lost with.

Weight Watchers.

I've been bouncing more up than down with weight & while the scale isn't the ultimate say on things, the way I feel with this extra weight on is.

I need to get it off.  I feel more out of breath, my Heartrate is going much higher than it was when I run, and I feel worn out carrying this extra 35 pounds on me.  

My insecurities were starting to enter my head as y'all have recently seen.  I have haters that would absolutely LOVE for me to fail *but* more importantly I have my supporters looking to me for guidance & inspiration.  

A lot of people are against WW & I understand that but with the right leader it is an uplifting experience.  My original leader has helped me become who I am today.  I also lucked out again and found another amazing leader, who happens to be a fan of my Facebook page.  Hi Mrs. Ellen!

Shopping around for the right meeting leader is a must.  

I went to my first meeting in almost 5 months today & I'm glad I'm back :)

I love to give everyone support but I need the accountability & support too sometimes.

When I go to meetings I just sit back & listen.  I honestly love hearing how people change little things in their life to get healthy.  :)

Not to mention, I've been faithfully tracking this past week (I do Simply Filling) and lost 6 pounds.

It's good to be back :)


My challenge for you this week is to pick a small goal to reach for every day this week & write it down.  :)

Monday, August 5, 2013

Rocketchix Triathlon Recap!

I got to mark something off of my bucket list two Saturdays ago by participating in my first triathlon on the LSU campus.

I was SO nervous!  I have run multiple 5Ks and 10Ks but this was totally out of my realm.  Plus to boot I didn't train hardly at all except run.

In April, I was supposed to do this triathlon but it got stormed out.  All of that training down the drain lol

So back to this one.

My husband got up with me around 4am and gathered up our 3 kids while I made sure I had all of my gear.  We had to drive almost 2 hours to LSU from Slidell.  I felt bad they came with me but I was so excited they were there too...if that makes any sense.

We get there and I grab my gear and bike.  I head over to transition and find where I need to put my stuff.  The grass was just cut and I saw that I forgot my towel.  Yay???  I don't have much time to think about it since they were closing transition to start the swimming.

Which waiting for swimming in a pool took fooooorevvvveeeeerrrrr.  400+ women signed up for this and the duathlon that was going on at the same time.

Luckily I ran into a friend of mine and we had fun catching up in line.

Soon enough it was my turn to swim!

First transition went smoother than I thought without my towel.  I admit I wiped my feet off on my backpack that had my gear in it.  It did the trick!

Transition 2 went even more smoothly.  I had a hard time going from the bike to running though.  My legs felt like lead.  Once I got going though I picked up my pace.

The transitions were what I worried about the most and I was pleasantly surprised.

Over all it was the most amazing and physically challenging experience in my active career!  I am hooked on triathlons and can not wait to find another besides these (which I plan to do again too!) and train properly.  

I am so unbelievably proud of this.  

I can now say that I am a Triathlete!

If you are in my area and want to try....Rocketchix is a very beginner friendly one!  Everyone was super nice and we all cheered each other on.

Now on to my half marathon in December ;)

**Side note:  I know I got down on my body last night but after much meditation and destressing yoga, I was reminded on how awesome my body is.  Flaws and all.  Looking back on the triathlon kind of drives it home.  My body did that :)


What is on your bucket list?

Friday, August 2, 2013

When hubby is gone, I get stressed

My husband travels a lot for work and always has.  Which means I am on my own a lot with 3 kids.  I love them dearly but I'm with them for 24/7 during the summer when he is gone.  School will start next Friday (in a week yeay!  But who is counting lol).

This is the only time that I don't get to take time for myself.

Which is partly my fault.  I'm afraid to ask anyone to watch them because we are supposed to be going back to Amsterdam this year.  That trip will be 10 days long & I'll need to have my family all watch the kids then :) I guess I'm saving up babysitting points lol

So how do I make sure I do not stress eat?

I have been getting up earlier than them.  Sometimes I workout.  Other times I just lay in bed and read a book to relax.  It helps.

Annnnnnnnd sometimes my kids tag team me with the fighting, whining, screaming and I wind up stress eating.

What do I do when that happens?

I forgive myself and move on.  I don't beat myself up.  I don't just give up for the rest of the day.  I hit the reset button and start new again.

See that?  Hit it.

So just know that you aren't alone.  If you aren't waiting to go on a big kid-less vacation to Europe, give them to someone you trust and go enjoy yourself <3  You deserve it.

Monday, when my husband comes home I'll be running out of this house so fast that they won't know what happened lol