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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwback Thursday

We all start some where.

It really doesn't matter how much you have to lose.  Take it one pound at a time & it'll happen....just be stubborn.


  1. Hi there! You dont know me but reading your blog has given me light and confidence. I am a lot like you I am 300lbs and have a long way to go. Recently I joined weight watchers and I am loving it. I have hard days as you do but I know in the long run it is worth it to stick to it. You are my role model and I love reading about everything you do and I am getting inspriation from you every day :) Thank you so much and keep it up! You are a beautiful person inside and out!

  2. What did you do and are doing so your arms would not get flabby while losing weight? My areas I hate are tricep section and inner thighs. I have strength training and doing cardio they are just getting flabbier.