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Monday, July 8, 2013

Eating on a budget

I have 3 kids....2 of them boys and they are getting to the age that they are always starving.  Plus my husband, who has a very physical job & eats a lot (he doesn't gain any weight either...I try not to hold that against him lol)

Our budget is about $400 a month on food.  Which can be a challenge sometimes.

We don't eat organic or anything like that.  We *do* buy local as much as we can especially with produce.

The veggies & fruit we eat do change with the seasons because season means cheaper.

As far as meat goes we either buy what is on sale and marked down or we buy it at Sam's (along with frozen out of season veggies).

I know not everyone has access to cheap veggies or fresh veggies may even be hard to find, like in inner city areas.

If you live in that kind of area, buy frozen or canned veggies (without salt if you can).  You have to use what you have.

I don't buy many grains but when I do I catch them on sale & try to stock up.  I might not eat it but the rest of my family does.

How do you keep on budget & still eat healthier?

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  1. Wow, $400 a month on groceries? I also have a family of 5 and we spend about 550-600. And this is doing much better than we use to. I don't buy too many processed foods either. We shop at the farmers market for fruits and veggies and also at grocery store for meats and other stuff. Do you use coupons? I will have to rethink my grocery budget!!!