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Friday, June 28, 2013

Working out in water

I love working out in my pool while my kids play. We have an intex above ground pool that is 18 x 52....nothing fancy :)

I bought my Speedo weights from  They were $25 with shipping but if you don't have the money or don't want to spend that much the cheap noodles can be good too.  Anything that gives you resistance!

Basically I do this:

Jogging 60 secs
(Sometimes we go one way to make a "whirlpool" and then turn around to fight to current)
Bicep curls 60 secs
Jumping jacks 60 secs
Tricep extensions 60 secs
Reverse crunches 60 secs 
(hold on to the edge of the pool & float a little on your back)
Lunges 60 secs on each leg
Shadow boxing with the weights 60 secs
Squats 60 secs

Repeat circuit 2-3 times

Water is great to exercise in!  It is easy on your joints.  I started exercising in the pool when I was at my heaviest and my first group exercise specialty certification was for water aerobics ;)

*As always, even in the pool you need to make sure you are drinking water to stay hydrated.

Do you like exercising in water?  What is your favorite exercise to do in the pool?


  1. Occasionally I run in the water but that is about the extent of my water workouts.
    What a great way to get in some fitness while hanging out with the kids - I should try it more!!

  2. I've just bought a swim spa. Planning on swimming every day and bought pulleys a 'weights' as well. Most biggest hope is that my beautiful but fat man will get in there and do the same.