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Thursday, June 20, 2013

A day in a life of me

I get so many requests on what my typical day is like so I figured I would try to give you a glimpse of what it is I do. 

My life is really boring lol I promise.

First I did my circuit workout

The kids were sleeping so no cool pictures of me working out lol

This is me in all my unbrushed hair glory eating breakfast before my kids wake up.  I like to take this time to relax before my day turns into a chaotic mess.

I stop by my page & then I'm off!

First I treat the boys to donuts.  Not healthy but they bargained with me yesterday, they kept their promise so I had to keep mine.

Then I did laundry, swept my sunroom & ate a stick of string cheese with my sister, who didn't want to take a picture with me lol

I did eat steamed cauliflower & Chicken Fontina (Diet to Go) for lunch.  I ate it fast since both of my sisters were over and I had a house full of kids.

I took a local road trip in the rain to pick up my daughter and drop of my nephew.  I did stop and treated everyone to a 1/2 price shake at Sonic, including myself (the mini ones are just right).  My on the road snack was "french fry" cut zucchini.  I graze all day and these are perfect.  

On my way home I stopped at Ulta to buy my shampoo & conditioner, at Winn Dixie to buy spaghetti squash & mushrooms and Hobby Lobby to find a match to a metal piece (score!)

Isn't that pretty? :)

I do think the screaming girls (I had my niece all day, btw) in the back of my Jeep gave me heartburn.  Wow haha

Then it was on to finishing dinner

Homemade spaghetti & spaghetti squash.  Yum!

My recipe for my spaghetti can be found here:

To cook the spaghetti squash, if you never have tried it:

Bake an hour at 375, turning over once at 30 minutes. Take out & let it cool (or if you are like me use an oven mitt to hold it down lol), then cut in half length wise. Scoop the seeds out then take a fork & pull the meat out. Yum!  Easy!

I was going to go running tonight but it was storming.  Maybe I'll have time to do BodyPump in the morning before the kids wake up.

See?  It's boring here lol 

Once school starts up I'll be adding in personal training clients and teaching classes to my day but for the summer I'm a stay at home mom for the most part (I do still do Slumber Parties during the summer to get away from the kids!)

That is my day in a nutshell <3


  1. Sounds like a typical mom day - cleaning, washing, feeding, errands - perfect!!