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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

It's Not Just About Weight Loss

Sometimes losing weight can be a catalyst for other things.  You have dreams & hopes for things you want to achieve and with that you think weight loss is a cure all for everything you think is wrong with your life.

Which it really isn't going to by itself.

If you don't focus on the inside....the mental aspect and work on yourself then all you'll change is just the number on the scale.

I was never as positive as I am now.  Heck, I wanted to seriously end my life at one point.  It was some scary stuff there.  

How did I get so nauseatingly positive?

I'm involved with a company that I love (it's not weight loss related at all) and the main focus behind the scenes has always been on sisterhood.  Our trainings consists of business & personal development.  Which luckily for me I was exposed to that....every where I turned lol

Two of the women in particular got through to me (I love you Monica!).  I don't remember what was said but in the end I was asking myself "Why not me?  Why can't I be happy and change what I want to change?  I am not only a wife and mother, why can't I be me too? "

So what were my steps?

Mainly I decided to learn to love myself.  Loving and accepting yourself does not mean you want to stay the same.

That really had to be drilled into my head over and over and oooover again.  

I put inspirational quotes on post-it notes and stuck them on my lamp next to my bed, the mirror in the bathroom, my closet door, & the fridge.

I read The Secret and I'm currently reading Nice Girls Finish Fat (it's a really good book).

Every time I thought or said a negative about myself, I'd write 5 positive things about me in a notebook.

I surrounded myself with positive people and limited my time or ended my relationships with the negative people.  

I started my fan page on Facebook.  When I reach out to inspire and help others, I am also inspiring and helping myself.

I put my self at the top of my priority list.  Does this mean I turned into a big mean self absorbed witch?  No.  When I take care of myself, it will ensure that I'm mentally & physically there to help others.  It does mean that I have to say no sometimes but it really is ok to do that.  Spreading yourself thin is not ok.

It all sounds simple.  I'd like to throw back a comment I get a lot lol

"It's easier said than done."

It's worth the effort though!


Do you plan to put yourself at the top of your priority list?

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  1. As much as I'd like to, my answer is no for now...but I plan on it really soon.