From Fat to Fit Chick: : Las Vegas, House Hunting, Crescent City Classic, The Today Show, Oh My!!!   


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Las Vegas, House Hunting, Crescent City Classic, The Today Show, Oh My!!!

I know, I know....I haven't been updating here like I should.  I swear I've been busy!

So we've been house hunting forever.  We need to move to a better school district.  I hated homeschooling my oldest son so we let him go live with my mom to go to school over in Slidell.  We finally found a house last week and made an offer on it, they accepted and so now goes the long process of the rest of it.  Now I really just need to concentrate on packing where we are now.  Fun, fun ;)

I'm in love <3

Now on to Vegas!!  Oh. My. Gosh.  I had a blast there.  The food, the dancing, the tons of walking.  I think it all balanced out lol

I went for our Slumber Parties Convention.  So it was kind of business related ;)

See?  We were so on a business trip!
Kim Brecheen, the owner of Slumber Parties, and me....see?  Business ;)

Next up is the Crescent City Classic!  It's a 10K (6.2 miles) through New Orleans.  I DID NOT train for it at all.  My legs are still hurting today.  Over all it was a really fun race.  I mean if nothing else I did it for the free shots, free beer and the military bands playing NOLA music!

I am all signed up for next year.  I hope to see some of you join me!

I look so damn sexy when I run...I swear.

Finally....I had the pleasure of going on the Today Show and became the newest member of the Joy Fit Club (  What an awesome experience!  Yes, they should have told me to count to 2 or 3 then turn and talk to Hoda and Kathie Lee.  But overall I loved meeting Joy.  She is a super nice person :)

Me and Joy Baeur....she is so tiny next to me and my 5'8" 160 pound self lol