From Fat to Fit Chick: : Anyone want to sponsor my racing habit? I'm only half kidding lol   


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Anyone want to sponsor my racing habit? I'm only half kidding lol

I love running.

It's an addiction I never thought I would ever have.  Not saying it's a bad thing either.

When I run I can push all of my problems out of my head.  Focusing on my breathing, feeling the cadence of my feet hitting the pavement, listening to either nature or my is just something that makes me feel inner peace.  It also makes me question my sanity lol

It leads to my love of races.  I met the most amazing people out there on the course.  Cancer survivors, people that are battling weight loss, kids following their parents footsteps....and so many more stories!

Races also help me push myself.  I know with the CCC I hadn't run in what seems like forever, didn't train and I still did a decent time.

Now my only problem is there are soooooo many races I want to participate in but with buying a new house I need to be a bit selective.  It's either that or try to find a sponsor.  So in an off chance a business is reading this....would you like to sponsor me?  lol

Crazy that I'm even talking about this.  It's hard to explain but never in my life up until I started to get healthy was running ever a thought in my mind unless something was chasing me to kill me.

Like this.  Which is totally creeping me out right now....I don't think I'll come back and reread this entry very much lol

I'd still totally run from clowns.  I might even be able to channel my inner Kenyan and win a race instead of being in the back of the pack!  haha!

In a bit of thoughts are with the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

  It has made me even more proud to be part of the running community.  <3

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  1. LOL. That picture creeps me out. I hope to be a runner one day. I started at 332 and am now down to 306. I've been doing aqua aerobics!