From Fat to Fit Chick: : It's here!! My Cover & Story in Woman's World Magazine!   


Wednesday, March 6, 2013

It's here!! My Cover & Story in Woman's World Magazine!

 It's been a very long wait but it's finally here!!  

I was tipped off by a friend that our local Books-A-Million had the magazine.  So what did I do?

I looked up the time they closed and after chewing my lip for a little bit over trying to decide if I should wake my kids up or not, I decided what the hell?  Wake them up!

Of course I had to call my best friend for moral support since my husband is in Virginia so the additional hour ahead plus and an early wake time for him made me not call him.  When I got to BAM I looked all over in a frenzy lol 

OMG, where was it?  

I finally spotted it and screamed like my daughter would if she would ever meet Justin Beiber.

My poor best friend's ear!

When I got to the check out line I was still acting like a goober & squealed some more to the cashier about that being me.

Just wait until I see it in stores like Walmart haha!

There are things I'm not thrilled about it like the photoshopped to hell picture and sensationalized story (if you want the real boring story look under the tab here "Meet Tanee") and no mention of my blog or fan page but I figure if people want to find me they will Google me.  My name is so unique that they'll find me fast lol

It gets me out there though and that is all I wanted.  Some have kinda hinted around that I am a sell-out and maybe I did BUT it was my goal to get my story out there to help as many people as I can.

 I'm going to enjoy my 15 minutes of fame y'all :)

PS if you want the real recipe for my gumbo I'll be posting it on here as soon as I can lol


  1. Photoshopped or not, no one can take away all the tremendous accomplishments that you have made and continue to make! You look fabulous now! Congratulations!

  2. Enjoy it! You're not a sell-out and anyone who understands this journey and your desire to help people will know that and will support you! I suppose having "haters" means you've done something great that they have not. :) And you look gorgeous - and I agree photoshopped or not, YOU did it!

  3. I agree with Desiree. rock:)

  4. How cool! Congratulations on getting your story out there!

    I once had my story in Woman's World, and I agree about my story being sensationalized to hell although my story didn't warrant a cover photo. :-) I can also relate to the screaming in the store and telling cashiers "that's me!" My framed story is still in our living room; it was about miscarriages I had before having a baby.

  5. Wow! Photoshopping or not, congrats to you! Photoshopping doesn't take away your weight loss and all you've worked for.

    If you for a moment doubted your success, you have no reason to doubt now :)

  6. Wow! What an inspiration you are for me and so many others!! Don't think another minute about photoshopping. They photoshop and touch up everything that is published. :)