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Sunday, March 31, 2013

It's less about what you eat but why....,

It’s less about what you eat, and more about why you ate it.

A food journal isn’t just some lame way to record your daily intake, it’s also a place to track your feelings toward food: Did I eat that entire pizza because I was pissed off that I saw my ex with his new girlfriend, but after I ate it I felt even worse about myself?

Writing down your depression/anxiety/celebration/whatever- induced food foibles and feats forces you to fess up to yourself, facing the facts of your food issues, and illuminating what drove you to inhale a dozen chocolate chip cookies last night, when the night before you felt fulfilled after just one.

Food & Mood Journal Components:
a. So… What happened?- (ran into my ex with new fling at a bar)
b. Your post-incident response- (balled my eyes out over a box of ready bake cookies- before even baking them!)
c. Post-response response- (felt fat and out of control…balled my eyes out again)
d. Rewrite a better “b” for next “a”- (went for a run to make my ass look better than that chick’s)

Hope this helps!

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