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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Rolling with the changes

Yesterday my oldest, who is 11 & has a diagnosis of Asperger's vs. PDD-NOS (high functioning Autism), had a major meltdown at school. When I got there he was being wrestled down by a sheriff deputy.

When I turned the corner and saw that my heart dropped. I had to do something to end this. The school hasn't been listening at all to what I think he needed. No matter the complaints I filed, lawyers I've talked to, IEP in place, etc.

I just want him to be a functioning member of society. Is that too much to ask?? He is almost as tall as I am & I know if I don't help him learn to cope with the things that set him off there is no telling what will happen.....he doesn't know how to get along socially at all except with younger kids...the kids he goes to school with know exactly how to get a reaction out of him & well to me they freaking suck ass.

Some times when dealing with my son I feel like I'm drowning....If I emotionally eat any time now it's usually because of the huge amount of stress handling his meltdowns can be.

I ultimately decided to pull him out to homeschool for the rest of this year and get everything together to put him in a totally different school system after we move. Which we are putting our house up for sale in March. I'm not really expecting to sell it until May so the kids will be out of school then.

I'm not a homeschooling type of person. I love all 3 of my children dearly but I love my alone time while they are at school.

Selfish? Sure. I don't have the patience though.

So now I'm stressed, totally stressed. I have my 11 year old home & he thinks it's vacation, then cops an attitude when I print off some worksheets for him to do later in car line. Then I have my other two complaining "Why do we have to go to school when Nick gets to stay home?".

It is enough to make me want to eat everything in the house! Everything is healthy there but you can eat healthy and still gain weight if you eat too much of it lol

So I've been cleaning my house like a mad woman to keep busy.

It will look amazing when we put it up for sale....which is a total bonus ;)

I know I have everyone here on my blog & my fan page to support me when I need it....which makes me feel a lot better <3

We'll see how this goes. Hopefully I can adjust & roll with it like everything else!