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Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Mashed Cauliflower

Let me see if I can write a recipe.  I can plug them into recipe builders haha but the directions I suck at.  This one is really easy though!

This is my gigantic cauliflower that I bought at Berrytown produce yesterday.  My husband saw it and begged for me to change the menu so we could have mashed cauliflower.

Works for me ;)

So even for the smaller cauliflowers you are going to chop this down to florets and put it in a pot of water to boil until it is soft. 

Drain.  I pulled out my immersion blender but if you don't have one of those a blender, potato masher or mixer will work.  Add butter, mozzerrella cheese, parmesan cheese and mix until smooth.  Salt to taste.  Usually with the cheese it doesn't need salt though!

(You can play around with it and instead of butter & cheese....try sour cream, yogurt, greek yogurt, cottage cheese...the possibilities are endless.  Have fun with it!)

Cauliflower - Raw, 3 pounds63013435063Ico_delete
Butter - Salted, 0.75 stick60806910Ico_delete
Sargento - Shredded Part-Skim Mozzerella Cheese, 1 cups320820280Ico_delete
Cheese - Parmesan, grated, 0.25 cup10817100Ico_delete
This one made about 12-15 servings.  We'll be eating on it for a few days lol
139 calories per 1 1/2 cup serving, 5 net carbs

My plate:

Kids loved it!!


*I used My Fitness Pal's recipe builder to get the nutritional info for this dish*


  1. Cauliflower is one of many types of vegetables found in the Brassica oleracea species, more specifically in the family Brassicaceae. There are other related vegetables , which include collard greens, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, kale, and cabbage, which are simple variants on the same species, but still have different cultivar groups. Its name is derived from the Latin caulis, meaning cabbage, and flower. It reproduces by seed annually. Typically, only the white curd, or head, of the vegetable is consumed. The meristem and leafy, green vegetables are thrown out.

  2. Made this tonight with yogurt and provolone cheese. Yummy yum!