From Fat to Fit Chick: : I'm getting the hang of this Low Carb thing :)   


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I'm getting the hang of this Low Carb thing :)

I'm a total convert.

I love Weight Watcher's and my meetings but I think going low carb was a good move for me.  I'm still going to WW meetings, btw so when I say it's a mix I'm eating low carb and going to meetings lol.

During induction I lost 10 pounds total in 2 weeks, the bloated feeling is gone, I have more energy, my blood sugar is stable and the intense cravings for junk is totally non-existent.

No, it's not for everyone and I'm happy with this move so I don't want to see any posts saying my way of eating is better than yours.  Blah, y'all. 

What have I been eating?  A lot actually and I've kept my daily net carbs between 20-25 a day.

Today for example I have eaten:

breakfast:  2 large whole eggs scrambled with 1/2 c spinach, 3 pieces of bacon

lunch:  6ozs salmon and a salad (2tbsp creamy parmesan dressing)

dinner:  beef chili w/shredded cheese and a salad with the same dressing as before

snacks:  2 pieces of string cheese, a serving of turkey pepperoni and sliced zucchini with evoo & herbs drizzled on them, coffee with reg half & half and 2 splendas

I have no idea how many calories it is....I might sit down and calculate it later.


  1. Do you crave cruchy chip type snacks? If so, make baked parmesan cheese crisps. You can google it to find "recipe/directions". LOVE them!!! It fulfills the cruchy chip snack type craving too!

  2. I started a no carb diet last week. I have had cravings to carbs once only. Which is surprising as I'm a carb junkie! I'm feeling better than ever. I do better when it's no carb rather than a little carb because that always makes me want more :) - Good job. Love your food menu for the day. Gave me ideas for myself! :)

    1. I too blog as much as I can at :)

  3. Hello!! I have been on carb/sugar detox for a week. WOW what a total difference! I have hypothyroidism and have struggled for 2 years trying ALL kinds of diets. I went on last Wednesday to a nutritionist that my dr recommended who has treated a lot of peeps like me - so we are in the process of changing my diet, how I eat, when I eat, and what I eat. Will I ever eat another ice cream - you bet! Will I ever eat BREAD again = soon. I have worked hard this week to try and retune my body - and I have lost 6 pounds and I am SLEEPING and I am not HUNGRY. Was it HARD - YES! But I am so excited and pumped up. I have 50 pounds to lose. My life is on a new journey and I am ready. I have to MOVE IT at least 30 minutes 6 days a week for now. That will change too as my body changes. It is all about adapting to what your body NEEDS and making the changes as you go. 5 years ago I could workout and do weight watchers and drop 30 pounds quick - now not so much. I just wanted you to know I am inspired by you and I think just being WHO YOU ARE is all you need to do - don't even waste your time on the people opicking you apart.

    Amy Quinn

  4. I'm curious, do you still track WW points? What does a day like this translate to in points? I tend to do higher protein with WW. Protein keeps me full.

    And a "girly" question: Did you have problems with weight going up in certain places in your cycles? I hope I'll have a big drop next week but it's discouraging to see that scale number move up slightly even though I have done everything on plan. :( I'm pushing the water to get rid of the bloat. Any other suggestions?

  5. Congratulations on the weight loss! You look really good, even with all that weight on but after shedding a few pounds, it's like you're a totally different person. Eating right while doing regular exercise will bear good results in due time. I hope more people would consider a slow, but sure pace of losing weight, instead of going through a crash diet and horrendous gym menu that would cause more harm than good on their bodies.

    Bernardine Terranova