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Monday, December 31, 2012

Celebrating 10K followers on Facebook!

Oh my gosh y'all.  There is over 10,000 of you following my page on Facebook and when I started it I never even thought about it getting as big as it has. 

So before I get to the giveaway let me trot down memory lane of 2012.

My year in review ;)

  • I helped open an aerobics studio.
    It was a lot of fun!  I however did a lot of classes and it well kinda led me into.....
  • I regained almost 30-35 pounds because of the bad food choices I made.
    Not gonna lie or make excuses.  I made bad food choices and I didn't put myself first.
  • I did make it on a local TV news segment (which I re-gained 15 by this time)
  • I quit the aerobic studio and kinda floundered around during the summer.  I still taught Zumba at a Rec Park and at a church but nothing really for myself.
  • Something clicked in August in my head.  I had enough and got back to basics. K.I.S.S. became my motto on the facebook page lol
  • Got to 165 pounds (5 pounds until my original goal) and decided I can go a little more further.
    Also decided to get back into running. 
  • Decided to go low carb after talking to my doctor and seeing my blood sugar levels
It was quick wasn't it?  A year really does fly by but it can also seem like it drags ass too.

Now I think y'all deserve to enter the giveaway now lol

Want to win one of these?

All you have to do is comment here on this blog post!  Tell me what you want to see in 2013 on the fan page and this blog :D  I told you it was easy!  Contest ends January 3rd.