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Monday, December 31, 2012

I am doing what is best for me...respect that or be quiet

I am not one to say one eating plan is better than the other. 

It kinda surprised me on how many messages I got on my facebook page and the comments on here that dissed low carb.  By people that are doing a sort of low carb thing themselves *cough*Paleo*cough*

It is NEVER ok to tell another person that their plan sucks and that they need to try what you are doing instead.

Like the picture above....there is no single way to lose weight.  You have to find what works for you.  If Paleo is working for you I respect that but please respect my decision to low carb it via Atkins and Weight Watchers. 

I'm not stupid.  Far from it really.  I know what is in the food I eat.  I also know that my way will not work for anyone.  You don't see me preaching about how everyone should do low carb because I know what may work for me may or may not work for you.  As long as people are losing weight in a healthy way you will not see me say anything about the way a person eats. 

Step down off your high horse.  This weight loss thing is way bigger than just your way. 

Moral of the rant?

Keep positive, an open mind and change your may just change your life for the better ;)

Celebrating 10K followers on Facebook!

Oh my gosh y'all.  There is over 10,000 of you following my page on Facebook and when I started it I never even thought about it getting as big as it has. 

So before I get to the giveaway let me trot down memory lane of 2012.

My year in review ;)

  • I helped open an aerobics studio.
    It was a lot of fun!  I however did a lot of classes and it well kinda led me into.....
  • I regained almost 30-35 pounds because of the bad food choices I made.
    Not gonna lie or make excuses.  I made bad food choices and I didn't put myself first.
  • I did make it on a local TV news segment (which I re-gained 15 by this time)
  • I quit the aerobic studio and kinda floundered around during the summer.  I still taught Zumba at a Rec Park and at a church but nothing really for myself.
  • Something clicked in August in my head.  I had enough and got back to basics. K.I.S.S. became my motto on the facebook page lol
  • Got to 165 pounds (5 pounds until my original goal) and decided I can go a little more further.
    Also decided to get back into running. 
  • Decided to go low carb after talking to my doctor and seeing my blood sugar levels
It was quick wasn't it?  A year really does fly by but it can also seem like it drags ass too.

Now I think y'all deserve to enter the giveaway now lol

Want to win one of these?

All you have to do is comment here on this blog post!  Tell me what you want to see in 2013 on the fan page and this blog :D  I told you it was easy!  Contest ends January 3rd.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

My Dinner Menu for 12/30- 1/5 and Low Carb Ramblings

I've been low carbing it since the day after Christmas because of my blood sugar getting way too high and my doctor mentioning something about my insulin resistance getting worse.  Which is crazy.  I have pcos and this is the main symptom besides irregular painful periods...TMI, sorry.  Sometimes I forget I have pcos.  This is why I never really mention it.

This low carb thing is totally new to me so I wound up buying the new Atkins book.  Which is a far cry from the book I read 10 years ago. I'm not used to using full fat food any more.  This is the cleanest I've ever eaten & surprisingly my cravings are going away.  No I'm not saying to rush out and start doing Atkins lol 

I'm still going to WW meetings, btw.  Ironically after the meeting last week I was talking to a lady and she low carbs too. 

The good side is that my energy has picked up and my blood sugar is leveled out.  Plus I've lost more weight which is cool. 

Am I going to stay low carb?  I don't honestly know.  I haven't even said anything about it on my fan you heard it first here ;)

So here is my dinner menu for this week....most taken from Peace, Love and Low Carb and the low carb section on Skinnytaste

Sunday:  Philly Cheesesteak Stuffed Peppers

Monday:  Grilled Steak and Veggie Skewers

Tuesday:  Chicken Bacon Crockpot Chowder

Wednesday:  Sausage Stuffed Zucchini Boats

Thursday:  Crockpot Chicken Cacciatore (with spaghetti squash for me and reg spaghetti for the family)

Friday:  I have no idea....I'll be in NYC!

Saturday:  Baked Salmon with EVOO, garlic & Italian herbs and sautéed asparagus (starch side for the rest of the family)

My breakfast consists of 2 whole eggs, canned spinach and 3 turkey b-fast sausage links or 3 slices of regular bacon....I didn't really change much to this except I am eating real bacon lol

Lunch is a pan "fried" in a tbsp. of olive oil chicken breast that is boneless & skinless with Zatarain's seasoning and steamed veggies....I need to explore other options :) It is yummy but I want quicker stuff.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A new goals!

I haven't done New Year's Resolutions in a few years and I don't intend to start now.  I do goals though.  Which are basically the same thing right??  In my mind they aren't lol

Eh, what ever works right?

I'm just going to list everything I want to do in 2013 lol These are big and small combined.  I usually just check them off as I go.

  • Run a race every single month of 2013
  • One of those will be a half I can finally put my 13.1 sticker on my Jeep.  Yes, that is why.
  • I want another one of those to be my first Tri
  • Keep to my 80% clean and 20% other fun way of eating
  • Get down to 150-145-ish pounds
  • Move to Slidell, LA
  • Work on being more organized and purge the junk....I am a pack rat
  • Get to an Autism Support group with my husband because I have a feeling the older my son gets, the harder it is going to be.
  • Keep paying it forward in the fitness world (hopefully one day that I can balance a career in fitness/wellness and this)
  • Get certified in Personal Training through ISSA since my NCSF isn't widely accepted here where I am *sigh*
  • Take over the world (just checking to make sure you are still reading lol)
  • Just keep on enjoying life!
It doesn't seem like a lot but it's plenty for me :)

The key is to make goals just out of your reach but be realistic about them. 

Unrealistic would be something like:  I am going to lose 200 pounds in 6 months.

Remember you are setting yourself up for success and time based goals aren't the best idea unless you can take a failure without it going to heart.

What are your goals for 2013?

Monday, December 24, 2012

From my family to yours <3

I want to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone takes this time to slow down & enjoy the little things. After the recent tragic events that have gone on in the world it should drive us to value one another.

Today we started a new tradition with the kids by taking them out to eat & then catching a movie. Not our typical day but we are no longer on speaking terms with my dad's side of the family (they are a bit close minded, tons of negativity there & it wasn't our choice) & Christmas Eve was always spent with them.

It makes me sad and it feels like a part of me is missing but we had totally made the best of it! We saw Wreck It Ralph. It was a very cute movie :) We are always on the go & busy but it was a day that we totally slowed down.

Tomorrow will be bringing lots of bad weather & hopefully the kids won't be too disappointed that they can not play with their outdoor toys they will be getting. Good thing Santa brought indoor toys too ;)

What are your Christmas & Christmas Eve traditions?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Julia Rose Headbands Giveaway!

I have had the pleasure in being contacted by Denise with Julia Rose Headbands to do a review and she was awesome enough to send along an extra 3 for a giveaway for y'all!

They are very well put together!  They passed the test with flying colors on a run, doing Body Pump and on my elliptical. 

I'm picky with my headbands too and if they stay in while I'm exercising then they are kept and not passed on to my daughter...who really has a big collection from my searches lol

So are y'all ready for an awesome giveaway?

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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Heaux, Heaux, Heaux!

Down here in Louisiana we always have to spell things different.  Sorry ;)

We are in the middle of the holiday season with Christmas being a few days away, Chanukah just ended a few days ago and New Year's Eve is coming soon.

There are tons of temptations out there so here are my Holiday Tips all in one place for y'all that need it.

Holiday Survival Tip #1 ~ Offer to bring a healthy dish to holiday parties.
If you're concerned about the unhealthy array of foods that are bound to be served at an upcoming function, call the host ahead of time to see if you can bring a healthy dish. Chances are, the host will be happy to have some help with the overwhelming task of pleasing a hungry crowd!

Tip #2 ~ Never go to a party hungry! Eat a healthy light meal before you go to keep you from making rash food decisions later.

Tip #3 ~ Increase your time management skills over the holiday season. Organize your day the evening before. Prioritizing your tasks beforehand will help you find time to exercise & help you stay on your food plan.

 Tip #4 ~ Take the focus off food. Turn candy and cookie making time into non-edible projects like making wreaths, dough art decorations or a gingerbread house. Plan group activities with family and friends that aren’t all about food. Try serving a holiday meal to the community, playing games or going on a walking tour of decorated homes.

Tip #5 ~ Love it or leave it. Keep your calories under control by choosing to indulge in only the foods that you really love. Too often we eat a gingerbread cookie because it’s only available once a year, not because we truly love gingerbread cookies. Leave behind the foods that you don’t absolutely love. Try rating the foods available and if it’s not a 10, leave it.

 Tip #6 ~ Start your New Year’s Resolutions early. Take the time to sit down and write out ideas for resolutions, choose one or two important goals and post them on the refrigerator to remind yourself about what you’re working on. The holidays may bring more time off work, and this may be a golden opportunity to jump-start or revamp extra exercise and healthy meal planning.

Tip #7 ~ Pre-plan and prepare. Why is it that we’re willing to write out a holiday list, but we don’t write down meal plans because they take too much time? Before leaving the house, try preparing a couple of healthy snacks to take with you to avoid stopping at fast food restaurants or shopping mall food courts. You could save hundreds of calories just by taking 10 minutes in the morning to plan your day.

Tip #8 ~ Forget the all or nothing mentality when it comes to exercise. People often think, if I can’t do the full 30- or 60-minute workout, I’ll do nothing. A little is always better than nothing. You could burn 100 calories or none. Which would you choose? Don’t have much time to work out? Aim for high-intensity, short workouts that exercise multiple muscle groups at once, such as spinning, a strength-training circuit, push-ups or squats with hand weights.

Tip #9 ~ Make active pursuits part of your holiday celebrations. These aren’t full-blown workouts, but rather activities that just get you and your loved ones moving: Toss a football around the backyard, play some games on the Wii or go ice skating. Try to make some of those fun pursuits a new holiday tradition instead of sitting around and eating all day.

Tip #10 ~ Travel Smart! If you are traveling make sure to bring your own snacks. It's hard to find healthy choices at airports & gas stations so I always bring my own food. Protein bars, fresh fruit, beef/turkey jerky, etc.

Tip #11 ~ Don't forget that alcohol is fattening too. That innocent-looking glass of sparkly wine or that small bottle of beer may look as though it will do no harm. However, alcohol contains calories and lots of them. Try and control the amount of alcohol you consume over the holiday period. There are plenty of lower-calorie beers and wines available, so opt for this whenever possible.

Tip #12 ~ With all the holiday food around, remember to eat slowly. Wait 20 minutes before getting another plate of food. It takes 20 minutes before you feel the "full" effects of foods.

Tip #13 ~ Don't do anything drastic. If you do overindulge in some holiday favorites, *don't* skip meals or try and starve yourself the next day. Go back to eating healthy like you did before you overindulged to help you feel better after a holiday pig-out session.

**Above all....enjoy this time with family and friends!!**

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Emotional Eating - Vlog

The worst part about emotional eating is it actually causes your problems to multiply. Eventually, instead of avoiding the issues you're stuffing down with food, you've created another one altogether -- weight gain, guilt about eating, worsening health ... and then it starts all over again.  Luckily it is in our power to change this.

If you tend to give in to emotional eating, there are a few tactics you can use to regain control of your eating habits and get back on track.
    • Step One: Identify Your Triggers...with this you are going to need to track.  Don't really worry about calories but what you are eating and how eating it makes you feel.  Note if you ate if you were angry, upset, etc

    • Step Two: Recognize Hunger Signals.....this one is really important.  Pay attention to your hunger cues.  Are you eating because you are actually hungry?  Or is it a craving?  Distract yourself for about 10 minutes if you think it's just a craving.  

    • Step Three: Limit Trigger Foods
    • Stop stocking your fridge and pantry with the foods you binge on.  I like to eat my trigger foods but I do it in situations that are more controlable.

    • Step Four: Don't Skip Meals
    • Skipping meals almost always leads to poor food choices and over eating.  I know we all get busy but make sure you take the time to eat.  You'll be less apt to emotional eat.

    • Step Five: Create Alternatives to Eating
    • Whether it's a bubble bath or curling up with a good book, planning other activities will help you relax and avoid binges.  Hobbies are a great thing! 

When you trip up -- because you will (We all do!  I still sometimes trip!), don't give up. Forgive yourself and start over the very next second. Learning from your mistakes and focusing on the positive will go along way in ensuring your weight loss success.

Stay tuned for Part 2!  I'll go over some detailed techniques that have helped me :)

This blog is getting a makeover!

I am so unbelievably excited!  I paired up with an amazing blog designer Ro Little at and she will be installing it really soon.  If you are on here and things start moving around on you, it's not you going crazy ;)

I hope y'all love it as much as I do!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hoo-Rag! I think everyone needs one! (Giveaway & review)

 Hi!  I have to say we had a lot of fun playing with this product.  Hoo-rags are amped up bandanas that you can twist and tuck in different ways to turn it into the style you need.  There are lots of ways to wear them!

Here let me show you ;)

I like it as a head band.

I can wear it as a pirate cap!

My daughter had to try it as a headband.  I almost didn't get it back.

You know I had to try it like a was too bright though not to be seen.  My kids found me.

And had to try being a Ninja too ;)

Oh you know my middle one had to try it too!  He wins best Ninja!

Want a Hoo-Rag for your very own?  I am giving away 2!

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Dinner Menu for this week

Keeping it simple this week (who am I kidding?  I KISS all the time haha)! Skinnytaste and Weight Watchers is what I'm using for almost all of what we are eating ;)

Monday:  Crockpot Santa Fe Chicken

Tuesday:  Split Pea Soup (I don't have a pressure cooker and not really going by her recipe, just had to find one like mine to link to so I don't have to type my recipe out lol)

Wednesday:  Left overs....heck yes!  My favorite night next to breakfast for dinner!!

Thursday:   Gumbo (I omit the chicken and use shrimp & crab's lazy gumbo but it's good!  I double this recipe..same points if you swap)

Friday:  Skillet Cajun Spiced Flounder

Saturday:  Pizza night! Flatout bread now sells the long square pizza type bread like the one she calls for in this recipe....I buy mine from Walmart.  Examples of our toppings: turkey pepperoni, spinach, black olives, turkey sausage, grilled chicken, bell peppers, etc

Sunday:  Provencal Beef Stew

My lunches are pretty much the same few things....a salad from the Salad Station, chicken breast & steamed veggies or left overs.

My breakfast is typically spinach scrambled eggs with onions, green bell peppers, and mushrooms.  Fruit too ;)

Examples of my snacks:  Pistachios, clementines, red grapes, boiled eggs, string cheese, greek yogurt & popcorn....and of course my nightly skinny cow ice cream bar lol

I hope this helps some of you that have a hard time doing this!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

80% Clean, 20% Other & PROUD to not be perfect

I have no idea what is wrong with people lately.  It's like the Clean Eating Nazi's have invaded social media and they think it's their given right to tell the pee-on's how horrible they are for not doing it 100% clean.  To all of you that are like this....just freaking stop already.  It just makes me want to kick you in the face.

Just like that!  POW!

What is clean eating anyway?

To me it means no processed food. Eat lean meats, whole grains like quinoa, healthy fats, nuts, fresh fruit & vegetables.

Now I'm not totally against it but I can't be that restrictive.  I take that back, it's not that I "can't".....I just don't want to.  I like things like ice cream, cake, fried seafood, peppermint sticks, cheese that comes in a stick.  I don't eat these all of the time.  Ok maybe the string cheese and ice cream...gotta have ice cream every night (yes!  I *just* said that!)

So I found that eating clean about 80% of the time and then enjoying the other 20%, within reason...don't get the idea that I gorge myself.  Both need to stay within my daily points.

This makes me not PERFECT but I am totally ok with that.  I am Tanee.  I've lost 200 pounds by doing this.  I can run, dance, lift weights, kick box, cycle and keep up with my kids!  If the clean eating issue makes me mediocre then excuuuuuuse the heck out of me.

I'll keep doing what I'm doing ;)  

Monday, December 3, 2012

KalorieBox Review & Giveaway!

I am so excited to do this review & giveaway!

KalorieBox is a monthly box of low calorie goodies delivered to your door every month.  Every box sold feeds a hungry child in America.

I received my box and immediately got a bit excited.

See why I got excited?  Who doesn't like food delivered to your door step?  Especially our favorite....Stubb's BBQ sauce, yum!

Everything was tasty and the customer service was super nice.  The boxes start at $25 and can be as low as $17 if you commit to a few months.

So here is your chance to earn extra chances to win a KalorieBox for your very own!  Check out below and follow the list ;)

Good luck to everyone!!

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