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Thursday, November 15, 2012

What? The Holidays? Eek!!

I can not believe that the holiday season is almost here. To me it should still be summer!

Soon there will be holiday parties, family gathering, school programs for the kids....& food every where you look. Oh, don't forget about the food pushers & the food police. Since you're damned if you do & damned if you don't.

"It won't hurt you to have this small piece of cake"

(small is a relative term lol I know my family's version of small is that it's on a small plate)

"You're not still on that diet are you? Har Har!"

"Oh no you aren't eating a salad? Aunt Sally, Tanee is eating a piece of pie & not a salad!"

What is a healthy eater to do?

Find a balance.

If you are cooking it is possible to make things my corn bread dressing. The corn bread is made with egg whites & skim milk. I use turkey sausage instead of regular sausage. Little tweaks can help big time.

Experiment with your recipes.

If you aren't cooking then there are some strategies you can put in place (which I'll will be posting them on my fan page on facebook & then do another post on here with all of them together).

You don't really have to give up every thing but you don't have to eat every thing put in your path either.

Are you afraid to say no?


"Do you want a piece of this cake? I slaved over it for hours."

You look at it & it's just not what you want to splurge on.

"No thanks."

It really can be that easy!

Now you are probably thinking....I couldn't possibly hurt my dear aunt's feelings. You don't really have to. Redirection works wonders. Give them an impulsive hug, tell them how glad you are that you get to see them this year, take them by the hand, walk them toward the tree & say aren't the decorations that your grandma put up this year beautiful.

Get my drift?

The holidays, no matter what you celebrate, are for family & friends. It really does not need to be centered around food. (Yeah I'm from the South & that has come out my mouth lol)

Get a game plan together on how you are going to navigate this time of year.

You can do it!!

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  1. The holidays r very hard for me I cook clean & shop for everyone they all come to my house I love it bt I bn so stressed iv lost 40lbs on my own gained 15lbs bk I'm just so busy I have two jobs 2kids 1grandson a husband & a house full of pet & I take care of them all plus I have 2jobs I keep telling myself I'm gona start exercising agin bt never find the time when I have off all I do is sleep wash clothes&clean...HELP:-(