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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Start? That is the hardest part! *gulp*

Before I started I felt like I was drowning & that the people around me were either giving me rocks to keep me under or throwing the life preservers just out of my reach.

The rock throwers chanted "You don't need to lose weight, why would you want to do that?" or my least favorite "You have such a beautiful face, if only you'd lose weight."

Why not shut the hell up & support me??

The life preserve throwers cried "Eat less, move more!"

What exactly does eat less, move more mean? What do I eat??? Throw the life preserver closer please!

I felt like crying. I was so frustrated and lost.

I didn't know what or how I was going to do it but once I was determined to live did I get a level & clear head. Which meant I could choose my beginning path. Where did that determination come from? It came from deep inside me. I wanted to find & save myself *that* damn bad.

Weight loss surgery did cross my mind but having no insurance, 3 kids to spend my money on & an intense fear of needles closed that door. (Thankfully!)

So what to do?

There was no such thing as a weight loss coach & it was up to me to wade through all of the programs and other information alone. I admitted to myself that I knew nothing about eating healthy. So I wanted a list of food to eat & what to avoid.

I was on Weight Watchers before I got pregnant with my second child & lost 45 pounds. I looked at again and saw the Core Plan. It was perfect to me. A list of healthy food I could eat & stuff not to eat. Score ;)

I did it a lot differently than a lot of people out there. I took that list and went grocery shopping. Afterwards, I cleaned out my entire kitchen. Anything that wasn't on this list went into either the garbage or in a box to donate.

Extreme? Yes.

Do I recommend this for everyone? No.


Everyone in your house needs to be on board with this. My husband was fully supportive. Not only was this a change for me but it was a change for my family too.

I think the biggest key is that we treated it as a life change.

That is the biggest universal key for everyone that reads is a life change.

Will you get it perfect? Nope. Neither will I. It's ok though :)

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  1. I love this! Thank you for sharing. I didn't know WW had different plans now? I tried WW and I gained weight with it but it's been a few years since I tried it.