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Friday, November 9, 2012


My husband is coming home today after being gone since Monday. It's certainly not our longest time we've been apart but this week with the kids was so stressful.

You have the everyday bickering, crying & whining...which makes my eye twitch but my oldest son totally one upped it by telling his teacher on Wednesday that the big softball size bruise on his upper thigh was from his daddy whipping him.

When I was first told this by his teacher I got furious at my husband. Very, very furious. Luckily he was out of town though or we would have had a bigger mess.

We've spanked before but we've come to the conclusion that it doesn't do any good & with my oldest (my Aspie) he has worse meltdowns.

So I was fully expecting child services to show up at my door Wednesday after the school called.

I was so stressed. I'm an emotional eater & my first instinct was to eat. Did I go to the pantry or fridge?

Nope. I decided if there was one thing I was going to control it was my eating. The rest I would handle as it came.

I'm so grateful that I had control this time. In fact I'm getting this type of out come more & more. Not saying I'm cured. I don't think that will ever happen.

Back to what happened.....

Child services never came. My oldest got home & I asked him to be totally honest with me about where he got the bruise at. He stood there, got all ridged & didn't say anything. I told him to go to his room to do his homework and if he felt like talking to come see me. Five minutes later he came back to me.....he told me he got it when he fell off of his dirt bike last Friday.

I am so sad he lied but I'm proud that he finally told the truth. He had to write two letters of apology. One to his teacher and another to his dad. I want to scream at him but I hugged him & explained to him what would have happened if he didn't tell the truth (that child services could have came to take him & his siblings away and that his dad could have went to jail). He cried & I hope I got through to him.

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