From Fat to Fit Chick: : November 2012   


Thursday, November 29, 2012

Pumpkin Cheesecake is evil

So my husband made a pumpkin cheesecake Sunday....I had a small piece Sunday & Monday night with him and the kids. Last night there I was, alone because he went to Norfolk, VA, and I saw the cheesecake in the fridge.

I got a fork, sunk it into the tip of the creamy goodness & took a bite. It was so good!

I shook my was a fourth of a cake left & I knew what would happen soooooo......

After that bite I threw the rest of the cake in the trash lol


I have a hard time controlling myself when I'm alone. As a rule I don't normally allow cakes in the house....I have no idea what possessed me to give the ok for him to make it. Oh well, it just serves as a reminder why I *still* can't have cake in the house lol

There you have it...pumpkin cheesecake is evil!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Start? That is the hardest part! *gulp*

Before I started I felt like I was drowning & that the people around me were either giving me rocks to keep me under or throwing the life preservers just out of my reach.

The rock throwers chanted "You don't need to lose weight, why would you want to do that?" or my least favorite "You have such a beautiful face, if only you'd lose weight."

Why not shut the hell up & support me??

The life preserve throwers cried "Eat less, move more!"

What exactly does eat less, move more mean? What do I eat??? Throw the life preserver closer please!

I felt like crying. I was so frustrated and lost.

I didn't know what or how I was going to do it but once I was determined to live did I get a level & clear head. Which meant I could choose my beginning path. Where did that determination come from? It came from deep inside me. I wanted to find & save myself *that* damn bad.

Weight loss surgery did cross my mind but having no insurance, 3 kids to spend my money on & an intense fear of needles closed that door. (Thankfully!)

So what to do?

There was no such thing as a weight loss coach & it was up to me to wade through all of the programs and other information alone. I admitted to myself that I knew nothing about eating healthy. So I wanted a list of food to eat & what to avoid.

I was on Weight Watchers before I got pregnant with my second child & lost 45 pounds. I looked at again and saw the Core Plan. It was perfect to me. A list of healthy food I could eat & stuff not to eat. Score ;)

I did it a lot differently than a lot of people out there. I took that list and went grocery shopping. Afterwards, I cleaned out my entire kitchen. Anything that wasn't on this list went into either the garbage or in a box to donate.

Extreme? Yes.

Do I recommend this for everyone? No.


Everyone in your house needs to be on board with this. My husband was fully supportive. Not only was this a change for me but it was a change for my family too.

I think the biggest key is that we treated it as a life change.

That is the biggest universal key for everyone that reads is a life change.

Will you get it perfect? Nope. Neither will I. It's ok though :)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

What? The Holidays? Eek!!

I can not believe that the holiday season is almost here. To me it should still be summer!

Soon there will be holiday parties, family gathering, school programs for the kids....& food every where you look. Oh, don't forget about the food pushers & the food police. Since you're damned if you do & damned if you don't.

"It won't hurt you to have this small piece of cake"

(small is a relative term lol I know my family's version of small is that it's on a small plate)

"You're not still on that diet are you? Har Har!"

"Oh no you aren't eating a salad? Aunt Sally, Tanee is eating a piece of pie & not a salad!"

What is a healthy eater to do?

Find a balance.

If you are cooking it is possible to make things my corn bread dressing. The corn bread is made with egg whites & skim milk. I use turkey sausage instead of regular sausage. Little tweaks can help big time.

Experiment with your recipes.

If you aren't cooking then there are some strategies you can put in place (which I'll will be posting them on my fan page on facebook & then do another post on here with all of them together).

You don't really have to give up every thing but you don't have to eat every thing put in your path either.

Are you afraid to say no?


"Do you want a piece of this cake? I slaved over it for hours."

You look at it & it's just not what you want to splurge on.

"No thanks."

It really can be that easy!

Now you are probably thinking....I couldn't possibly hurt my dear aunt's feelings. You don't really have to. Redirection works wonders. Give them an impulsive hug, tell them how glad you are that you get to see them this year, take them by the hand, walk them toward the tree & say aren't the decorations that your grandma put up this year beautiful.

Get my drift?

The holidays, no matter what you celebrate, are for family & friends. It really does not need to be centered around food. (Yeah I'm from the South & that has come out my mouth lol)

Get a game plan together on how you are going to navigate this time of year.

You can do it!!

Friday, November 9, 2012


My husband is coming home today after being gone since Monday. It's certainly not our longest time we've been apart but this week with the kids was so stressful.

You have the everyday bickering, crying & whining...which makes my eye twitch but my oldest son totally one upped it by telling his teacher on Wednesday that the big softball size bruise on his upper thigh was from his daddy whipping him.

When I was first told this by his teacher I got furious at my husband. Very, very furious. Luckily he was out of town though or we would have had a bigger mess.

We've spanked before but we've come to the conclusion that it doesn't do any good & with my oldest (my Aspie) he has worse meltdowns.

So I was fully expecting child services to show up at my door Wednesday after the school called.

I was so stressed. I'm an emotional eater & my first instinct was to eat. Did I go to the pantry or fridge?

Nope. I decided if there was one thing I was going to control it was my eating. The rest I would handle as it came.

I'm so grateful that I had control this time. In fact I'm getting this type of out come more & more. Not saying I'm cured. I don't think that will ever happen.

Back to what happened.....

Child services never came. My oldest got home & I asked him to be totally honest with me about where he got the bruise at. He stood there, got all ridged & didn't say anything. I told him to go to his room to do his homework and if he felt like talking to come see me. Five minutes later he came back to me.....he told me he got it when he fell off of his dirt bike last Friday.

I am so sad he lied but I'm proud that he finally told the truth. He had to write two letters of apology. One to his teacher and another to his dad. I want to scream at him but I hugged him & explained to him what would have happened if he didn't tell the truth (that child services could have came to take him & his siblings away and that his dad could have went to jail). He cried & I hope I got through to him.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where Does My Motivation Come From?

I have been motivated by different things throughout my weight loss journey.  First it was a size smaller jeans.  Doesn't sound super motivating does it? It wasn't but....

So you may have heard me say quite a few times (if you've been on my fan page for a while) that you need to find your "why".  Motivation is great but you need to find the driving force, the reason WHY you want this to happen.

Let's say you find your reason and it seems like from no where you get this drive to get it done. Life happens & then poof...your motivation is gone.

Go back & find your reason for doing this. Ask yourself why like you are a 4 year old child. You want to lose weight. Ok. Why? Because I want to fit in cute clothes. Why? I want to....

See where this is going right? You need to get down to the root of your want.

In that you will find your motivation. This stuff comes from within yourself. Not from me & not from anyone else.

You have it in you. You just need to let it out.

Monday, November 5, 2012

My Top 10 Secrets

1. I drink half of my body weight in ounces of water a day.

2. Get up and walk or do some sort of activity....I started small and worked my way up.  Know your limits and work on raising them higher.

3. Make a "motivation board." Mine has my motivating quotes on it that drive me, pictures of things that I want to have (cute dresses, outfits, vacations), and my mentors and idols

4. Journal – Write it down and make it trackable…if you aren't into counting calories, carbs or points then journal about your feelings before and after you ate what you did.

5. If you fall off the wagon, dust yourself off and get back on. Never give up....every second of every day is another chance to change.

6. Be positive and determined to change inside and out.

7. It is important to remember that being overweight didn't happen over night and it takes time building new habits.

8. Consistency is the key to success.

9. Minimal processed food.

and the biggest secret

10. Love yourself & treat you like your own best friend! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

My meal plan for this week

My breakfast and lunches revovle around the same few things....breakfast is usually spinach, one whole egg, 3 egg whites scrambles together.  Lunch is most of the time a cajun turkey sandwich, with a salad and fruit.  Exciting right?  lol  I really like variety at dinner so keep reading!

Monday: Shrimp & easy fried rice

Tuesday: Slow Cooker Beef Ragu

Wednesday: Breakfast for dinner...which for me is usually an omelet with veggies & cheese plus maybe a whole wheat pancake with SF syrup

Thursday: Baked Chicken, brown rice with 98%ff cream of chicken soup mixed in and steamed veggies

Friday: Homemade Pizza...on thin crust refriderated dough for them, Flatout wrap for me as the crust.with pizza sauce, cheese, turkey pepperoni and veggies

Saturday: Chicken Quesadillas

Sunday: Crockpot Turkey White Bean Pumpkin Chili