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Thursday, October 25, 2012

This post was too good to lose on my Facebook page

Just in case you were wondering, I am a pretty busy mom of 3 kids. My husband travels a lot! When he is gone my work load doubles at home. If I'm not working part time, teaching classes, doing home parties or craft shows then my kids need to be at practice, school functions or some other activity. I seriously need a clone lol Not to mention my Aspie (Asperger's, high functioning autism) child
has meltdowns at school sometimes where I need to drop everything to go to him before he tears up the school.

Why am I telling you this?

We are all crazy busy with life. All of us....we live a very fast paced society.

Set your priorities. My/our healthy lifestyle happens to come first unless someone is bleeding profusely or has a broken bone.

Every Sunday I sit down and plan our meals. I'm not going to lie, it takes a lot of work when you first do it but after you do it a few times it does get easier. I get my recipes from Skinnytaste, Weight Watchers online, Cooking Light, or my WW cookbooks for the most part (like 99.9% of the time lol). I stop everything to do this because I know this keeps my life running smoothly.

I use
to organize everything (it's free or you can pay for more features). You can plan your meals, build your shopping list, has a recipe box you can save your fav meals to, keep track of your family schedule on there and more. Reminders are sent to my phone & they have an app.

My workout is also scheduled in. If not, I won't do it because I think "OMG, the dishes need to be washed before I do anything for myself"

Planning is essential to me *but* I also need to be flexible because things do come up.