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Monday, September 10, 2012

Things I have learned on my journey

These are really random and if you make it through then thank you! lol

~ I can be very stubborn.

~ My body didn't lose like I always wanted.

~ Sweating after cardio makes me feel sexy, however sweating doing nothing turns me into a bitch.

~ I have a new found respect for myself.

~ Seeing my collar bone for the first time since I was a kid was better than waking up on Christmas morning!

~ You can not out exercise a bad diet

~ Get hold of what you eat first.

~ Writing down my emotions after I ate something to self soothe helped me get a grip on it (....for the most part)

~ Food pushers & haters suck ....not letting them win is priceless!

~ Start small & work your way up.

~ Finding ways to make my favorite meals in a healthy way feels like I should get a merit badge.

~ Eyeballing portions is not something I excel at lol

~ Friendships change when you lose weight....sometimes it hurt my feelings but other times I was glad to get the negative out of my life.

~ Positivity breeds positivity

~ It can be more complicated than "Eat less, move more".

~ Loving & accepting myself before starting my journey made it a little easier to want to change.

~ Being able to not take numbers seriously when the scale comes into play was a must for me.

~ Last on this list (but not really last on what I have learned lol) is to educate yourself. If you see something in a magazine or someone tells you something, research if it's something you can do or is a bunch of BS.

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