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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Looking Back

I was having a somewhat stressful day Friday.

My back ground....I live right next door to my dad, brothers, an aunt & my grandfather. None have talked to me since March because I have a different opinion than them & I am not going to conform to please them. Instead of letting me have my opinion, I (& my husband and children) have basically been ignored. If I'm not being ignored, they are nasty to me. I know Karma will handle them & I will keep being my happy self despite this family drama. My solution for it? Move & far away lol It's taking way too long to get things in order for us to sell & buy a house.

So back to Friday.....
I found a before picture that didn't show me in all black & just for the hell of it I put a picture I took in my hotel room's mirror last weekend on the other side of it.

I was blown away.

Here I was just moments before being down & sad because of these people that are in my life. I looked at my picture & I felt like I could handle anything that was thrown at me even by people that I thought loved me.

I can remember how hard it was to start. The despair & depression I pulled myself out of. My recent problems are nothing compared to the dark moments that I really wished my life would end.

Yes, the perky & overly optimistic person you know today was that bad off.

I remember the mean things people said to me about my weight & the mean things I told myself.

I am just so, so very glad that I woke up & worked on loving myself. With that love, everything fell into place.

My changes on the outside are amazing when I look at my pictures but the changes on the inside are the most important.

I am truly happy & I feel loved by myself. I know I can get things accomplished on my own. The determination makes me feel a power that is hard to describe.

I can tell you, it takes a lot to put myself out there on my Facebook page or any where else....I feel nervous every time I do it. When I posted this picture the overwhelming positive response brought me to tears. There are a lot of wonderful people on there. If my struggles help people I will always keep posting.

I will keep ROCKing my life & I hope you will ROCK your's too!