From Fat to Fit Chick: : The not so good side to losing a large amount of weight....   


Sunday, August 19, 2012

The not so good side to losing a large amount of weight....

Being part of the huge phenomenon of health and fitness pages on Facebook I have come to the conclusion about when it's a person that has lost weight that runs the page.

There are two types of formerly obese people.

1.  They want to help everyone and understand that different things work for different people.  They might be a bit perky but are filled with amazing information! 

2.  They are set in their ways and demand everyone need to do exactly like them and if not they have an almost disgust with you are beneath them because you want to lose weight.  (Mainly I have seen the whole "I've lost XXX pounds and while I watched the better not do it!" and while yes the scale can be a bitch, it is also a tool that even they used at one point)

I have had the displeasure of having people come to me and ask me why people that were formally obese were so mean.  This formerly obese chick has no idea why some's kind of like asking why any person is mean.  I'm just assuming they totally forgot where they came from and how hard it was to start.  Basically, they let success go to their head.

I look at the weight I gained as a blessing.  It keeps me grounded and humble that if I'm not really paying attention I can go back to where I started.  It also shows you that I'm not perfect.  Things happen, life happens.  It is just up to you to mentally shake yourself and say "This has got to stop!"

I am all about self acceptance and loving yourself *but* because of those things that you will truly want to make life long improvements.  Ironically none of the type 2 pages are like that.

Positive breeds positive!  Do not let the type 2 get your down :)


  1. Girl, I feel the same way about my weight that I gained. I feel like it was karma putting me in that position so I would know just how difficult it is and how it feels to be in those shoes. Don't let the sucky people bring you down. You're doing a beautiful thing.

  2. Thanks Deanna!

    They don't get me makes me mad as hell that they treat others that way. I can take it but I normally dish it right back at them ;)