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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hurricanes, a stocked kitchen & me

Waiting for Hurricane Isaac to come has me going a bit stir crazy.  It's raining outside, the wind blowing but at least we still have power as of right now.  I hope he'll make his stay short and my chickens will be ok.  They are locked in their coop so at least I think they are safe (maybe unhappy because they love to be outside lol).

With every hurricane, we stock up with lots of canned food, water, batteries, gas for generators....more food and when in doubt even more food lol

We have snack food that is very unhealthy in the house.  I thank my husband taking the kids with him to the store for that one.

Luckily I don't like most of it!

However when I'm bored or stressed I will eat just about anything.  I would exercise but in the off chance we lose power I don't want to be already sweaty.

For now I'm deterring myself by writing this and later I have some romance novels that will do the trick.  Maybe writing a handwritten list on what I have to gain by *not* eating the crap will keep me on plan too.

I'm ready for things to get back to normal.  I feel like eating my children and totally understand why some animals eat their mate and young lol

Note to self:

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